Legacy Fighting Championship 10: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Legacy's Pat Audinwood via sherdog.com

I traveled down to Houston this past weekend to cover Legacy Fighting Championship 10, a card featuring Paul Audinwood, Gerald Harris and Chidi Njokuani. There were some last minute changes to the card as several main card fighters missed weight at Thursday's weigh ins.

Mike Bronzoules' opponent Eric Davila missed the welterweight limit, coming in 14.5 pounds overweight. He declined to try and make weight in the two hours allotted to him by the Texas commission. Harris' opponent D.J. Linderman also came in overweight, missing middleweight by 11 pounds. Harris declined to allow Linderman come in so overweight and his fight was scratched.

Legacy promoter Mick Maynard did some last minute changes to save his card by getting Harris to fight Bronzoules' opponent. Bronzoulis was paid his show money, plus a little bit extra because of his opponent's lack of professionalism.

Before getting into the fights, I'd like to apologize to our readers. I went down with the expectation that I'd be able to provide live play by play but once I got to the arena, I realized there was no wifi or electrical outlet to plug my computer into. This will be the only case where this happens as I'll have made the proper preparations to cover Legacy next time far in advance.


  • Njokuani looked very impressive in his Legacy debut. There have been questions about his ability to keep fights standing and he answered those questions by stopping his opponent's takedowns and finished here with brutal knees to the body. Following the big win, he was immediately booked for Legacy 11 in May.
  • Alex Morono overcame some early adversity to win his fight with a slick knockout. Rashon Lewis landed multiple power punches to the face, but Morono maintained his composure to win the fight. It's the kind of win that helps build a fighter's confidence in himself and his skill set.
  • Audinwood vs. Justin Reiswerg was a very fun fight to watch at cageside. Audinwood has continued to develop as a fighter and he was able to take his corner's direction well, which is ultimately what won him the fight. Where other fighters often abandon the game plan, Audinwood paid attention to what his corner was yelling to him. He may not be ready for the UFC, but he definitely looked good in his victory.
  • The prelims were very fun. Fights ending in TKO or submission will always get a crowd amped and the booking was perfect to get the attending fans excited for the main card.
The Bad and Ugly after the jump...
  • I understand why Harris fought a safe fight as against the unknown Davila, he couldn't risk keeping the fight standing. That doesn't excuse his performance though. Harris was the "name" fighter on the card and he didn't fight like a top middleweight. It was an awful performance and hopefully, he'll showcase his skills better in follow up fights where everyone makes weight.
  • Carson Beebe was supposed to be one of the top bantamweight prospects and instead, he had difficulty passing Tim Snyder's guard and was headhunting on the ground. Had he thrown punches to the body, he may have been able to complete the arm triangle that his corner was yelling for all fight.
  • It was a very weird set up for a media member trying to remain impartial. I was seated next to the blue corner and when I say this, I mean I was elbows-to-elbows with these guys. I had to listen to DaVila's wife excuse his lack of professionalism the entire fight as she tried to spin his missing weight. She kept saying that he's a welterweight fighting at middleweight without any context. If your husband/fighter comes in way overweight, you shouldn't be talking about it. You should remain quiet and try and give him advice to win the fight.
  • Reiswerg rolled his ankle in his fight against Audinwood because of a dead spot in the mat. The referee stopped the fight and allowed Reiswerg's corner to tape up his ankle. Ignoring the fact that a referee can't stop time on an injury, allowing Reiswerg's corner to tape up his ankle once the fight has started shows gross negligence. Had Audinwood lost, he would have had a case to contest the decision because of the referee's disregard for the rules.
  • It was a little weird being asked to walk in the cage to hold Beebe's banner. And by a little weird, I mean it was totally weird. I'm not upset about it, but it's a weird situation to be placed in when trying to build up credibility as a writer.
  • The setup at the Houston Arena Theater is great for those in attendance, but was an absolute nightmare when dealing with the Texas commission. At various points, they hassled me and another writer, saying that even though we had credentials, we weren't allowed access to the fighters. When the commission already has a reputation of unprofessionalism, it's a bad idea to confirm those suspicions.
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