PREVIEW - Tactics of Kickboxing, Boxing and MMA Masters

Hey everybody, thanks for the amazing support and input to my writing project, I have tallied the results of the poll and the 8 fighters chosen by you for my first full length instructional / breakdown book are:

- Ernesto Hoost

- The Diaz Brothers

- Floyd Mayweather

- Buakaw Por Pramuk

- Frankie Edgar

- Junior Dos Santos

- Andy Hug

- Sugar Ray Robinson

In addition to this I will be examining:

- Anderson Silva

- Badr Hari

- Alistair Overeem

- Fedor Emelianenko

- Joe Louis

- Jersey Joe Walcott

- Manny Pacquiao

- BJ Penn

- Jack Johnson

There may be others but these are the ones which I have promised myself and readers to cover. So without further delay I would like to share a small preview of my upcoming work. Please note that in the actual publication each of these techniques will be illustrated by photographs taken especially for the ebook.

I truly believe this book will be valuable to the striking practitioner and to the fan.

Badr Hari – The Golden Boy of K-1

Perhaps the most notable heavyweight in the last 3 years of the K-1 kickboxing promotion's existence, the talented young Morrocan burst on to the K-1 scene with a spinning back roundhouse kick knockout to avenge an earlier loss to Stefan Leko. This kick has been variously called the most spectacular kick and knockout in K-1's history and led fans who had been unfamiliar with Hari to believe that he would be a flashy kicker through his K-1 tenure. Fans and some pundits did not expect Hari to develop one of the most dangerous boxing games in the entire kickboxing world. A gangly fighter, Hari stands 6'4” but fights with all the aggression and punching power of a young Mike Tyson.

Hari went on an unprecedented run in K-1, an organisation which has seen the same few men pass around the titles since it's inception. Hari knocked out kickboxing legends Ray Sefo and Peter Aerts with seeming ease, going on to demolish the 6'11” Semmy Schilt in the first round in 2009. Hari's career has been marred by building stunning knockout streaks, then seemingly becoming overconfident and getting caught swinging. Much of his rapid improvement came through the rebuilding of his game – almost all of Hari's losses have come through sudden knockouts, this is no scratch on his chin, he fights huge punchers and often it was through unpredictable techniques such as Peter Graham's “Rolling Thunder”, a rolling kick or “Kaiten Geri”. Consequently, Hari's style became one with an ultra tight guard, his gloves being held almost above his head, using his forearms to guard his entire head rather than his gloves. When Hari punches his other hand remains nailed in this position, having fallen victim to too many counter-punches, and his combinations are smooth but loaded with power.

Right Straight to the Body

As a fighter who spent much of his career fighting under Muay Thai rules, Hari generally likes to feel his opponents out for the first portion of a fight – though there have been some notable exceptions – going in to a higher gear once he has started connecting his powerful pot shots and has an opponent trying to play catch up. One of his key techniques in the feel out phase of a match is the long right straight to the body, which he can throw as a lead or after a jab. Carrying a reach advantage into most matches Badr does not need to weave or duck out after throwing this long punch as the opponent cannot reach him with a hook and often has their hands up to deal with his substantial power and frequent attempts at head kicks. It is important to note that Hari changes levels to land this punch level with his own shoulder, where his reach is greatest.

Head – Body – Head – Head

One of Hari's go to combinations, this is often the first full combination he commits to and often stuns or drops his opponent. Hari throws a jab, his long right straight to the body, followed by reverting to his upright posture with a left hook or uppercut and a right hook or straight. Hari's main variations use the left uppercut to lift the head and the right straight to floor the opponent, as he used or Errol Zimmerman, or a left hook to move the opponent into a tight right hook. Hari's footwork for his four punch salvo is to move his left foot with his jab, his right foot with his right straight, then reverse the footwork as he steps his right foot up for the left uppercut or hook, and his left foot for the right straight or hook.

Drawing Hook

One of the key features of Badr's career has been his seeming to stun opponents in unclear exchanges; it is often to see what exactly caused the damage to his opponent, which only helps to perpetuate the reputation of his ungodly punching power. One of the ways that he has stunned many of his opponents before putting them away is with his drawing hook. With his hands well up and his forearms reading to take punches, Hari uses his footwork to stand with his shoulders square to his opponent, in the range at which they can only hope to hit him with long, straight punches. When the lead is forthcoming, Hari takes it on his forearms before driving off of his left leg and throwing his left hook at their right temple. He is often able to catch his opponent cleanly with this counter punch even if they are properly guarding, due to the difficulty in fully shielding the temple and the unexpected timing of the punch.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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