How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? MMA On Twitter - Lorenzo Fertitta Makes Arum Say 'I Love The UFC', Dana White Blasts Mayweather


A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse


"Haha you can't kill me. Not even your rumors can u fucking keyboard warriors! Pound away at those letters like it'll change your life. Haha" -, isn't dead.

"Yo momma's teeth are so yellow.... When she yawns, traffic just slows down." -Amir Sadollah

"I use to work at a carwash so I know how far a good tip goes..however, my 1st job I was a janitor..beat that! #truestory" -Brendan Schaub

"@RamseyNijem I swear if u r teaching other guys to strip and I'm not there so help me gawd I'll fly the f-word out there and ruin sundance" -Justin Edwards

"Greg Jackson confirmed today he will be in my corner for UFC 145" -Jon Jones

"Last year at the fighters summit Dana told everybody he wanted to keep us all busy...." -Jason High

"Huge thanks to all the fans who have supported me after the Fuel broadcast, looks like I will be doing the Live Fox shows now, power of fans" -Brian Stann

"Mac Danzig would be proud, I went to whole foods and yoga in the same day. And yet somehow I don't smoke weed." -Forrest Griffin

"I'm thinking Tom lawer would probably be the best UFC fighter to go thrift store shopping with" -Forrest Griffin


"Bob arum said ! He'll feezes over" -Lorenzo Fertitta

"Just to clarify the $ for the ali gloves was for the RUVO brain institute a charity that will benefit society and fighters forever!" -Lorenzo Fertitta, who paid 1.5 million dollars to get Ali gloves, help charity, and make Arum say that he loves the UFC.

There's a ton of tweets after the jump, but first, don't forget to follow me on twitter: @antontabuena

Oh, and these guys are probably worth following as well: The Official BloodyElbow Twitter Account, Luke Thomas, Kid Nate, Brent Brookhouse, Leland Roling, Richard Wade, Chris Barton, Damon O, Scott Broussard, Tim Burke, Matt Bishop, Fraser Coffeen, Dallas Winston, KJ Gould, Matt Roth, Ben Thapa, Josh Nason.


"See the clip everyone is talking about - Dana White calls out Floyd Mayweather as a racist" -UFC


"I'm the 1 fighting n front of millions,I have the right 2 get mad if someone is dogging my style,non fighters won't understand. 2da lamefans" -Quinton Jackson, if you saw the videos, their "beef" also extended through twitter.

"For the record I love @Rampage4real, regardless of what he said. He's a sensitive guy with the toughest job in the world." -Joe Rogan


" u should fight me to see if your ready to fight for the belt. I think it would be a awesome fight 2 stand up guys." -Tim Sylvia, who is campaigning to get another shot with the UFC.

" If you say so ... I am in the UFC , still . Where u at Tim ? " -Cheick Kongo


"When you are young, you often don't realize that your actions have consequences. I made a bad decision about ten years ago, but you learn from these moments. There is nothing I can do to change the past, and believe me, if I could, I would. That decision doesn't represent who I am today. All I can do now is put the past behind me and move forward. I am sorry to disappoint any of my fans and my family at Zuffa. I love you guys :)" -Chandella Powell


"Rampage on the Rampage! Special UFC 144 poster" -UFC, this special edition poster is already sold out though.


"Champions hill! #sf#sprints ... Just finished last hard day of sparring now it's fight time!! " -Jake Shields, posing with Gilbert Melendez, and a retired fighter.



"Your headliners. April 21st seems so far away." -UFC


"The huge feature in todays Nikkan Sports on UFC 144" -Dan Herbertson


"RT : At inside MMA with . I recently found out that she's my sister" -Forrest Griffin


"Me and the tallest man of Holland, funny to look up to someone now ;)" -Alistair Overeem


"Got my head shaved last night. Thought I'd take a page out of .☻ What's the word for May?" -Roger Huerta



"petit message pour mes fans francophones en direct de TOKYO" -Cheick Kongo, I don't understand French, but maybe someone does, so here you go:

"Best part about compiling a list of my favorite fights in Japan is rewatching them. Have you seen Uno vs. Hansen?" -Josh Gross

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