UFC 143 Video: Josh Koscheck Hopes Georges St. Pierre 'Never Comes Back' From Knee Surgery

Welterweight Josh Koscheck faces Mike Pierce at this Saturday's UFC 143 in Las Vegas. But in this interview with MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani, he shows his mind is still on his old nemesis, injured champion Georges St. Pierre. From the interview:

Koscheck: Hopefully George is out for more than 10 months and they make that interim title holder fight twice.

Helwani: You're rooting against him?

Koscheck: Yeah absolutely. Hopefully he never comes back. Basically ACL surgeries take a lot out of you. I've had friends who've had the surgery and they say they're never the same. Hopefully it evens out the playing field and we can get another crack at Georges.

Helwani: There's still bad blood there?

Koscheck: No. Me and George have always been cool. He's a respectable guy outside of the cage when we're not fighting. He's a great person. I'm sure we would probably hang out. Well maybe not, he'd probably say no but I'd be willing to kick it with him.

After the jump Koscheck talks about his UFC 143 opponent Mike Pierce and makes his pick for the welterweight interim title fight between Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz.

SBN coverage of UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit

On Pierce:

(On his reaction to Pierce calling him out) First off I had to look him up and see who he was. I would prefer to fight someone with a bigger name. It's better for the fans, better for the sport.

He's been talking a lot and as cocky as he is at the end of the day he's got to get in there and back it up.

Hopefully Saturday night I put Mike Pierce to sleep. He's definitely a tough fighter. He's definitely a decision guy, he doesn't come in and finish guys.

He comes in in great shape, he gets off the bottom well and he has good take downs. He does everything pretty well but nothing great.

On Carlos Condit and Condit vs. Diaz:

(On the original Koscheck vs. Condit bout booked for UFC 143) It was huge fight for Carlos Condit. It was an easy fight for me. I truly believe I could beat Carlos Condit very easily.

Who are you picking in the main event?

I'm going to go with Diaz.

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