Early Details of UFC Undisputed 4 Leaked

UFC Undisputed 3 released earlier this week, to rave reviews of many. As you all know I received an advance copy many months prior to the official release date, detailing all of the game's glitches. Well now through some connections with THQ and a little bit of wiretapping, I've retrieved some early plans for the next edition of UFC Undisputed 4. I'm not entirely sure I should even post this, as this could compromise their entire developmental stage, but I'm going to gamble on them not acknowledging this the same way they don't acknowledge the fluidity of their striking graphics.

- Create-A-Gracie. A staple of the Undisputed series, Career Mode will undergo a heavy tweaking in the next edition of the game. Players will have more options than ever to build their ideal fighter. One of the new features that will blow everyone away, it's called "Create-a-Gracie". It gives the player the opportunity to build and develop their own legendary Gracie fighter. Much like the current game, you will start from regional circuits and build your way towards the UFC, Strikeforce, or PRIDE. However, your abilities are restricted as "Striking Training" doesn't exist and your overall stand-up game is permanently stuck at 10 for the entirety of your career. Your refusal to adapt to 21st Century MMA is put to the test as you face powerful punchers with amazing takedown defense should you ever reach the elite level of fighting.

- Making weight! Learn to cut weight, diet, drink, and train properly through this new Career Mode feature. This applies to both your CAFs and actual UFC roster selections. You are now in charge of making your weight limit before Fight Night or else you will face the consequences. Do you think you want to weight cut with Anthony Johnson? Well welterweight fights will be mighty difficult when you weigh 280 lbs. There is no catchweight feature yet, although a possible feature is in the works with Vitor Belfort, Anthony Johnson, and Rich Franklin as the entire roster.

- New special skills to acquire! Continuing with the Career Mode features, as you progress throughout your career and gain XP you will gain brand new trademark moves from several notable UFC fighters both past and present. These include:

  • The Dean Lister Double Jab of Death. And by "double jab" I actually mean throwing both arms out in an attempt to throw one punch.
  • Jake Shields Eye Poke. Acquired through a pretend competitiveness fighting Georges St. Pierre for the welterweight title. That's easier said than done.
  • Mark Coleman Muay Thai Knee. This is acquired through winning five consecutive fights via KO (knee). With this special move you will put opponents to sleep in minutes...because that's the time it takes to reach your opponent.
  • Sokoudjou Cardio. If you win at least three UFC fights in 7 minutes or less you unlock the Sokoudjou Cardio. It will give you the gas tank of an oft-used Hummer.
  • Dan Hardy Takedowns. Self-explanatory.
  • Mark Hunt Armbar. Rickson Gracie ain't got nothing on Mark.

- WAR MODE!!!! Tired of wrestling getting in the way of your limited skill? Well this new gameplay simply known as "WAR MODE!!!!" (and it's typed that way on the menu) will provide you the opportunity to stand-and-occasionally land with no threat of a takedown. Landing is not really the objective, so you can button mash punches to your heart's content. At the end of every fight you will get a pop-up screen with Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta giving their respective ratings of your "WAR". Example: Matt Riddle vs. Sean Pierson rates a 10/10 on the WAR scale because they stood and traded for 15 minutes. According to FightMetric, Riddle hasn't actually landed a power punch in three years, but he WARs!

- Be Like Dana White! Sort of an upgrade from Event Mode, players can now manage the organization they've come to know and love by taking the role of Dana White. It will give you a first-hand look at how the boss man and his assistants handle day-to-day operations from cards, to awards, to media. You have the right to hire and fire fighters are you please and scout the globe for some new prospects. Your PR skills will be put to the test when an employee of yours makes a sexual assault joke in poor taste. Do you punish privately or do you outright banish him from the UFC? What about handling steroid scandals? What to do, what to do. Please note though that like in real life, permanent firings from the UFC are actually 18 months maximum. You will also have a tutorial to guide you through rash decision-making, including declaring every single UFC fight 7 rounds when 5 isn't enough.

- Mike Goldberg not involved in game at all. Nothing. It's Anik, Rogan, Bas, and Quadros.

Some very early plans, fairly ambitious, but I like it.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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