Jessica Aguilar vs Patricia Vidonic: Preview

This weekend leaves another bit of breathing space between UFC events and gives everyone a chance to concentrate on smaller fights and promotions. One great fight to look out for is between Jessica Aguilar and Patricia Vidonic and that goes down as part of Fight Time Promotions 8 in Florida. It does not look like we will be able to catch the fight live on TV (although if anyone knows of a way to do so, please hit the comments section), but this is a fight that you ought to find a way to see.

Jessica Aguilar is currently the consensus ranked number two 115lb fighter in the world and a big name in women's MMA. Unfortunately, given that Bellator, the biggest home of the 115lb division in the US, puts on female fights quite irregularly, Aguilar needs to fill her schedule out with smaller shows. That is great news for Patricia Vidonic though, as she gets the chance to test out her five fight win streak against by far the toughest opponent she is yet to face.

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Recent History

  • Jessica Aguilar has won 7 of her last 8 fights, only dropping a close split decision to Zoila Gurgel.
  • Her most recent win was at Bellator 58 against highly ranked Lisa Ellis-Ward.
  • Patricia Vidonic is on a five fight win streak, with her last three wins coming by submission.


Jessica Aguilar is a fun fighter to watch. She is a stocky and powerful fighter with technical boxing, powerful takedowns and slick submissions. She is developing noticeably with every fight she takes. Before her loss to Gurgel, she had an indomitably powerful style and produced some great submission and knock out finishes, but since then has become a bit of a decision machine. This is probably a combination of a more careful approach and a step up in competition.
Here's a video of Jessica Aguilar highlights to show the power and aggression she is capable of.

Patricia Vidonic may not have such a big name in women's MMA, but her momentum is certainly growing as she dedicates herself full time to the sport. As you would imagine from a fighter with three submission wins in a row, Patricia has an awesome ground game. In round one of her fight with Lacey Schuckman (check out the video below and follow the links for rounds two and three), Vidonic shows she has a slick, calm guard as she placidly deals with slams and strikes to keep throwing up submissions. The fight involves lots of great scrambles against a clearly powerful opponent and Vidonic deals with it impressively. Her rear naked choke finish was a smooth and opportunistic as you like.

Head to Head

Realistically Aguilar has the advantage in terms of experience, this is by far the sternest test of Vidonic's career. That being said, Vidonic has proven a calm and calculating fighter and may well deal with the pressure and occassion. In terms of skill sets, it just seems like Aguilar has more ways to win. She has learnt recently how to grind out decisions over tough opponents, she has knocked people out with nice boxing and she has a good ground game of her own.


Jessica Aguilar by TKO, round 2.

Why watch?

OK, you might not get a chance to watch this one live unless you are really lucky go to the show. You should try and find it after the event somewhere online though, because it promises to be a great fight. When you have a powerful fighter like Aguilar squaring off against a wily fighter like Vidonic fun scrambles often ensue.

This post originally came from jiMMA, so head over there if you want more.

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