In defense of Diego Sanchez

I have read a nice piece of article which is called " The Downfall of Diego Sancez" I don't like the tone of that article so i thought to post my opinion on this matter. People like to call a fighter after a lost fight all of a sudden a loser, with the sole exception of Nick Diaz who has become the most popular pothead alive who, even if he loses people still hold him as the winner.

Now that I know more of Diego Sanchez I dare to write my opinion on this matter.

The guy has 26 fights and when he entered the UFC had a 12-0 record right? He has lost 4 out of his 27 fights!!

Only 4. This is a record very few fighters can say yet you mention him as if he was a 11-10 fighter out of which

there's clearly more all around the world, let alone the UFC. Many people here and BE love to play that gif of him

when he got Knocked down by BJ Penn who has won over many many fighters during his career. Many fans forget

that it's just uneasy and impossible to clearly categorize fighters, many like to say that if a fighter loses ahhh he s

suddenly the worst. BJ Penn lost to Diaz, he was clearly not the same BJ as he has been and he was not

dominated by Diaz the way I call domination, Diaz got the same measure of pain in that fight. In real Diaz was

dominated by Sanchez a lot more than when he "dominated" B.J Penn in their fight..

Each fighter has different style and even though is categorised better or worse can beat another fighter because of

the other having sickness, bad day or such a style which just suits the other fighter to beat him. Many fighters get

caught just as its the nature of the whole. Jake Shields got caught and this doesnt mean he would not win on

Ellenberger next time.

Many like to talk about the Kampmann fight saying it was "controversial". Name me a fighter who didnt have ANY

controversial wins, or losses by the way.

Many like to say Diego is 30. For Gods sake Soszynsky or how to write his name was 30 when he entered the K-1

and he is not alone. Ellenberger has lost to Condit big time. Yet noone really talks about this that much.. the guy is

still kind of new to the UFC so i clearly wouldnt call him an indominable force. He has problems after the first

rounds and his cardio is not perfect either. All in all I would just like to point out how hard fans are with fighters who

lose a fight and that things are not that simple in the fighting world. So, after a 2 fight winning streak with so many

won fights won throughout his career I think it's not wise to describe him as a troubled fighter. That's all I wanted to

write about and I hope Diego wins this fight as he has a great chance for doing so.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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