Shogun Rua And Alistair Overeem Situations Highlight Tensions Between UFC And Managers

Shogun Rua and Eduardo Alonso.

Last week former UFC light heavyweight champion Mauricio "Shogun" Rua tweeted that he has parted ways with his long-time manager Eduardo Alonso: "I would like to tell that I no longer work with Eduardo Alonso, we still friends, as usually."

Shogun spoke to Sherdog and elaborated a bit more on why he is parting with Alonso after five years together. The first reason Rua mentioned was his desire to have a separate coach, media team and business manager but he also made this very revealing comment:

There are some different people helping me with this part right now; I'm still thinking. The UFC has made it clear that we don't need a manager; all negotiations are conducted by the athletes themselves. A manager today is not like in the Pride days. At that time, they had much more weight. I am in favor of a manager, that's not the reason that I separated from Eduardo. I want to work with people nearby: Eduardo works in Sao Paulo and I'm in Curitiba. But, this is not the only reason. There are others, like I said.

Zach Arnold at Fight Opinion commented:

The UFC's stance about guys not needing agents is not anything new if you've followed what Dana White has said online for a while now. What is new is that you have several top Brazilian fighters all of a sudden abandoning their managers/agents after UFC picks up major steam in Brazil w/ the help of uber-rich Eike Batista. Amazing how fast attitudes are changing now that UFC has found their dream money man in a dream money market to attract major-league talent & run big shows at.

Everyone has a right to proper & good representation. Unfortunately, often times we see horrible representation for fighters and promoters can easily take advantage of said reps or dismiss the fighter(s) altogether. But let's call a spade a spade here - if Shogun and other top Brazilian fighters believe that they don't need a quality representative or agent/manager, then that's just plain stupid. It's also incredibly dangerous and eliminates any kind of leverage a fighter has in negotiations.

For an example of the way the UFC goes around fighter management, look no further than the confusion around the Carlos Condit vs. Nick Diaz rematch that seemed briefly imminent. The last person to know about the fight agreement was apparently Condit's manager Malki Kawa.

In a related note Alistair Overeem's former management team Golden Glory has gotten another court order to garnish his pay from UFC 141. More on that after the jump.

SBN coverage of UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit

Via MMA Torch:

Golden Glory - through their corporate parent company Knockout Investments - obtained an order requiring Zuffa to withhold $427,714.27 of Overeem's earnings from his UFC 141 victory over Brock Lesnar. They were required to post a surety bond in that amount, which they have done, and the order was executed on January 24 and served to Zuffa.

The money will be held in escrow until a judgment is made in the currently ongoing lawsuit filed by Golden Glory against Overeem. In the cage, Overeem is expected back on May 26 in a Heavyweight Championship bout against Junior dos Santos at UFC 146.

Overeem spoke to Sherdog about the situation a while back:

"First, Alistair believes that the split between himself and Golden Glory should be kept between the parties," the statement reads. "Although he has been tempted to expose ongoing problems with Golden Glory's business, its poor relationship with some of its remaining fighters, and the deep betrayal he has experienced in recent years, he has chosen not to air the specifics of those facts.

"We can say that Alistair and his legal team are very confident in the legal positions he has taken or will take in the California and Nevada litigation. Alistair is looking forward to having a judge or jury determine the merits of his position in this litigation.

"Although overtures regarding resolution of the lawsuits have been made by Golden Glory, Alistair believes it is important to see this matter to conclusion, not just for himself, but for other Golden Glory fighters, the UFC and its fans."

Overeem split with Golden Glory in September after 11 years together following a bitter fight that saw Zuffa cut Overeem from Strikeforce and go on to sever ties with all but one Golden Glory fighter in both Strikeforce and the UFC. He filed suit against them in November.

Today Overeem announced that he's signed with Authentic Sports Management via MMA Mania:

"With [ASM], I saw right away that Glenn Robinson has a system in place that allows the fighter to focus on training only, which is so important as I prepare for my UFC heavyweight title fight against Junior Dos Santos," said Overeem. "ASM has a team of experts to help you grow as an athlete, from Glenn working hands-on as management to Jen Wenk handling my PR and Karen Gough running marketing, a full-time nutritionist, a finance and legal department - you name it they have it. After meeting with ASM, I was convinced that they can make me the new UFC world champion."

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