2012 World MMA Flyweight Scouting Report: #1 - Dileno Lopes


Name: 22px-flag_of_brazil Dileno Lopes
Nickname: --
Age: 23
Height: --
Location: Brazil

We've finally made it. This is the end of the line for the 2012 World MMA Scouting Report, so without further adieu -- I present to you our #1 flyweight prospect -- Nova Uniao's Dileno Lopes (8-0). Lopes is hands down the smoothest operator in the prospect pool, utilizing a slick, effortless Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu grappling game that's coupled with calculated, above average striking. Those well-balanced attributes have helped him record eight wins since his debut in late 2007.

Lopes' rise to prominence has been slowed by his low rate of activity during his early years, fighting only three times in three years. Once he signed to fight for Amazon Show Combat, work got steadier, submitting Adriano Balbi and Samuel Xavier in bouts a little over a month apart in late 2010.

Last year was by far the busiest of his career, beating Josenaldo Araujo Silva and Adson Jander by submission, then narrowly edging Wellington Davila in a rematch of their encounter two years prior. With the inclusion of the 125 lbs. weight class in the UFC, he should begin fielding phone calls for more action, possibly from Joe Silva.

Lopes' record is heavily weighted in submission wins, seven of his eight to be exact. While that's an obvious sign that he possesses quality grappling chops, most readers would glance at those stats and deem Lopes a one-dimensional fighter who will never make it without some semblance of a stand-up game. Fortunately, many of those wins were created from stunning shots that Lopes delivered on the feet. He has solid defense, good footwork and head movement, and counter punches accurately, leaving more aggressive strikers reeling.

Against rangier competition, Lopes has problems trying to get inside to land punches, and he isn't much of a knockout threat. Those issues haven't been problematic as of yet due to his top-tier grappling game, and some of those opponents were outside of his natural weight class. Regardless, Lopes has gotten far too aggressive when he's facing fighters with similar striking styles, going for broke at times when he can't use a ranged striking attack of his own.

Those are minor issues however. By all indications, Lopes is a legitimate talent who could have a long, successful career in the sport with steadier work and continued improvement. At only 23 years of age, time is on his side, and he's already one of the smoothest transition fighters we've seen among our prospects, moving effortlessly between striking and grappling as if he's done it for years. With any luck and a couple of more wins, Lopes will undoubtedly call the UFC home in 2012.

Tune in tomorrow for our honorable mentions for this year's report.

Footage of Dileno Lopes after the fold...

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#8 - Richardson Moreira
#9 - Jan Jorgensen
10 - David Oliva


Lopes vs. Soldado
Dileno Lopes HL

Dileno Lopes vs. Samuel Xavier

Dileno Lopes vs Edson " Jacaré Jander

Dileno Lopes vs. Unknown

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