ONE FC 2: Battle of Heroes Main Card Live Results

Ole Laursen who is ranked as the #8 lightweight in the World MMA Scouting Report will take on Felipe Enomoto in the main event of ONE FC 2: Battle of Heroes. -- Photos by Anton Tabuena

As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results, play by play and commentary for ONE FC 2: Battle of Heroes. The event will start with the beginning of the Prelims stream after the jump (7:30 a.m. ET), continuing through the Online PPV broadcast so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

Headlining the event is a lightweight battle between Ole Laursen and Felipe Enomoto, along with a featherweight bout between URCC Champion, Honorio Banario and Bae Young Kwon of Korea. Also on the card, Rolles Gracie takes on Bob Sapp in a super-heavyweight bout.

BloodyElbow's Anton Tabuena will be on-site in Jakarta, Indonesia and will be live tweeting as well.

Main Card (LIVE on PPV)

- Felipe Enomoto defeats Ole Laursen via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 2 (3:49)

- Bae Young Kwon defeats Honorio Banario via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 1 (0:56)

- Rustam Khabilov defeats Rodrigo Ribeiro via Unanimous Decision

- Gustavo Falciroli defeats Chul Kim via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 1 (1:12)

- Rolles Gracie defeats Bob Sapp via Submission (Strikes) in Round 1 (1:18)

live play by play after the jump...

Rolles Gracie vs Bob Sapp

Round 1

Sorry the for the late start everyone. Rolles shoots in for a takedown, big knee by Sapp. Rolles gets Sapp down and moves to knee-on-belly and looking for ground and pound. Sapp throws up legs and is actually going for an ankle lock, Rolles appears to be in no danger. Rolles, escapes and back to side control. Rolles putting on punches and knees, and Sapp taps to strikes at 1:18 in the first round.

Rolles Gracie defeats Bob Sapp by Submission (Strikes) 1:18 Round 1

Soo Chul Kim vs Gustavo Falciroli

Round 1

Quick start, Kim shoots for single leg. Falcirolo stuffs the takedown. Falcirolo catches a kick and gets a takedown but Kim scrambles to feet and shoots in again for that single. Falcirolo transitions to back and locks up quick rear naked choke, puts hooks in and Kim taps.

Gustavo Falciroli defeats Soo Chul Kim by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 1:12 Round 1

Rodrigo Ribeiro vs Rustam Khabilov

Round 1

Both fighters are finding their range at center of cage. Khabilov lunges forward with jab-cross, cross looks like it landed. Ribeiro misses spinning back fist and leg kick. Over hand right hits Ribeiro, but he drops to mat, Khabilov in the guard. Ribeiro staying aggressive in guard, breaking Russian's posture. Khabilov working the body, fights off triangle and chooses to go back into the guard. Khabilov escapes armbar set up, stands and re-enters guard again. Triangle attempt, Khabilov escapes, stands up in guard and lands some big punches. Riberio looks hurt, Khabilov moves to half guard. Riberio puts Russian back in guard. Russian stands up from guard and then throws a flying punch to land in guard again. 10-9 Khabilov

Round 2

Ribeiro bleeding from the mouth at the start of the round. Fighters high five at the start of round. Khabilov throws a few kicks, Ribeiro slips under a punch and shoots for takedown, stuffed, Riberio tries again, gets Khabilov against cage but stopped again, fighters back to center of cage. Leg kick by Khabilov and a failed takedown by Brazilian, fighters clinch against cage. Belly to belly takedown by Khabilov, working north south on Riberio, landing knees. Brazilian rolls back to guard. Russian striking from inside the guard, Ribeiro tries to lock up triangle but Khabilov lands soccer kick to stop it. Khabilov standing over Ribeiro, throws legs aside and lands big punch and slides into side control. Riberio gets back to half-guard. Riveiro hurt! Russian flurries, but Riberio pushes him away with legs, that was very close to being stopped. Round ends, I think there is a case for a 10-8 here, but judges likely not going to award it. 10-9 Khabilov

Round 3

Riberio smiling and flexing before round starts. Riberio takes a kick in the leg, attempts a head kick in return. Khabilov comes running in for double, Riberio stops, and then tries to jump guard for guillotine choke but looses neck instantly. Back in guard, and the Russian is working the body. Riberio's guard noticeably less active than in pervious rounds. Ref stands them up. Riberio tries another guillotine and they are in guard again. Riberio is looking for an arm from guard, Khabilov driving into guard, trying to defend. Ref stands them up again. Riberio shoots for takedown, Khanilov stuffs, and Riberio rolls to guard. Brazilian tries hail marry triangle, but Russian stands out of it. 10-9 Khabilov

Unofficial result 30-27 Khabilov

Rustam Khabilov defeats Rodrigo Ribeiro by Unanimous Decision

Bae Younh Kwon vs Honorio Banario

Round 1

Prospect vs Veteran here. Banario comes out throwing side kicks to find range. The veteran Kwon lands a right hand falling away. They reset, and Kwon clinches, jumps on Banarios back, puts in hooks and locks up rear naked choke. Banario taps quickly.

Bae Younh Kwon defeats Honorio Banairo by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 0:56 Round 1

Feliepe Enomoto vs Ole Laursen

Enomoto walks out wearing Samurai mask. Laursen is coming in after a huge weight cut, it will be interesting to see how it effects him in the later rounds.

Round 1

Fighters touch gloves and start training in the middle of the cage. Laursen wants a quick finish and Enomoto is happy to brawl. Big right hand by Laursen. Left drops Enomoto. Laursen in Enomoto's open guard, setting up for a triangle it looks like. My stream is in and out. I'm back and Enomoto is trying to lock up an arm in guillotine choke. Laursen passes the guard, gets out of the guillotine and then quicklyt takes Enomoto's back. Threating a choke, but Enomoto defends. Enomoto rolls in guard, round ends. Based on what I saw (missed about 2 minutes) I'd score it 10-9 Laursen

Round 2

Strong leg kick by Laursen to start the round. Pick swinging hooks land for Laursen, Enomoto is landing also. Good right cross by Enomoto. Another strong inside leg kick by Laursen. Lead hook is really working for Laursen, and as I say that Enomoto counters a lazy hook with a straight right. Laursen is slowing down. Time called for Enomoto, who took a finger in the eye. They restart and Enomoto is starting to unleash strikes at range. Laursen is punishing the lead leg with outside leg kicks. Enomoto flurries while Laursen covers up, blocking most of the punches. Laursen is slowing down and getting countered by Enomoto. Head kick lands on Laursen and Enomoto pounces on him. Takes the back and is working in a rear naked choke. Laursen taps.

Feliepe Enomoto defeats Ole Laursen via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 3:49 Round 2

that weight cut seems to have had an effect on Laursen, who clearly slowed down part way through the second round. Enomoto did a great job of taking over the match. thanks for waking up guys!

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