An Open Letter to Nick Diaz

Hi Nicholas,

Is it ok if I call you Nick? I think it is, hey Nick, sup.

If you only knew how much you've affected MMA media with your antics you'd give a fuck. Brock Lesnar's diverticulitis didn't spawn as many topics and debates as you have. The average person probably has no idea who the fuck you are and doesn't care at all if you fight again, but these keyboard warriors here, they'd die to prove their points about you. You lost that fight against Carlos Condit but no one cares about him, I don't see anyone even talking about him even though he's wearing an Interim Title belt.

They wanted to see you, a couple hardcores on here will pretend that Carlos Condit vs. GSP is the fight they wanted but that is just some trolling or something, the people who mattered, (DFW and co.) they wanted you in the limelight.

But apparently you never got this memo. I don't know if it is you being ignorant, your management not telling you, or maybe you need an internet connection and a computer so you can log on and see how much drama everything you do creates and maybe you'd clean up your act.

You had every opportunity for all the things you claimed you wanted but never got. They bent the rules and screwed people to try to get you where you wanted to be and in the end you just fucked yourself.

This may come off as whiny and useless but you're the biggest fucking disappointment since Kimbo Slice. No, Gina Carano. Or Chael and his problems with three sided objects. Or maybe Brock's early career demise and Fedor's fall combined with Anthony Johnson's weight cutting. I don't know, at the end of the day I can't believe how pissed off I am because you literally have no one to blame but yourself. You're like the whiny spoiled brat who gets what he wants for reasons beyond anyone's comprehension and then you thank them by pissing all over it.

I thought I didn't have to ragequit being a fan the way you ragequit after you lost because they were gonna give you another thing you didn't deserve, a rematch, but you fucked that up so I guess I'm done here.

Peace Homie

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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