Calling for Nick Diaz to be released makes no sense.

My comment would've been buried under the countless others but here is my opinion:

Nick Diaz has a prescription for Medical Marijuana and in terms of state law can legally carry and smoke it in California. He takes it to relieve an actual medical condition and a doctor has given him that right (yes, I'm aware of the apparent ease of getting a prescription in Cali).

Nick Diaz is a draw. I have several friends who only follow a handful of fighters and Diaz has become a favorite among them. Before this positive test showed up I was making fun of them and their bitching about Diaz being "screwed out of a decision." I actually did score it 1,2,5 for Diaz but believed, after watching the fight again, that it could have went to Condit just as easily. It wasn't anything to cry about.

Now, I find myself arguing for Diaz. Why? because posts talking about firing a fighter who was taking something medically prescribed to him has actually become a solid argument.

I'm aware Marijuana is a banned substance in the Nevada fight game. I also agree Nick Diaz should have taken more care of this issue and been more responsible. But I also believe that smoking Marijuana cannot be put in the same ball park like doing steroids, greasing, or TRT supplements. It didn't give Nick an advantage, was taken to help in his personal life (not inside the ring) and lets not kid ourselves, it's pretty much been accepted into our culture by now. I could get weed much easier than I could ever get alcohol in my teens. Shit, even now it's easier to grab an 8th than getting up and going to the liquor store.

Here's my issue. Sonnen was charged with fraud (not fight related) and increase testosterone levels (100% fight related). The man is one of the most recognizable faces in the UFC and even though his talent is very debatable, the man is popular, draws seats and is still in the UFC. Rampage Jackson goes off about Dana and also has an incident where he hits a poor women with his truck. I don't remember if she was pregnant or something, but these charges were dealt with and he's still in the UFC. GSP greased, lets not kid ourselves (and I'm a big fan), Guillard greased.

Chris Leben 2x, Thiago Silva,Sonnen, etc. These guys all did something that directly affected their performance in the ring. They knew what they were doing and they are all still employees. How can you justify firing Diaz? and don't even get me started on TRT therapy being allowed (basically doctor approved Steroids) while doctor approved Marijuana is still worth a suspension?

The firings must be standardized. That's how a socially responsible employer works. You can't just fire off peoples jobs depending on how you feel about the issue. If Diaz is to be fired for some marijuana, but all those cases above are forgotten, then the UFC is not being ethical or fair to it's employees and fans.

Here in Canada I can smoke up and have no worry about a cop arresting me. Sure it's illegal, but I'll be damned if I can remember the last time anyone I heard someone was arrested for carrying some weed (other than a buddy who had over 15lbs of it in his trunk, but that's another story). Should we really be putting Diaz on the firing line because of something almost every North American has tried at least once? Especially when he's legally allowed to do it in his state?

I agree the suspension should and will most likely stand. The damage is done, Diaz screwed up and will have to do his time. But as a fight fan, I see way too many fun fights for him in the welterweight division. He is a draw, a real fighter, an honest human being, and an exciting character to watch. His hands are great, and he comes in, in perfect, steroid free shape everytime. As a human being, I see it unjustified to see a man lose his job over such a weak positive "drug" test.

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