UFC 143: Nick Diaz Vs. Carlos Condit Defines 'Gameness'

Photo by Esther Lin MMA Fighting.

Former Bloody Elbow editor-in-chief Luke Thomas makes his debut at MMA Fighting today with a fun piece about UFC 143's headliner Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit. Here's Luke explaining the concept and how it applies to this fight:

There are a number of ways to parse the fight's merits or evaluate its worthiness, but it'd be criminal to not note just how much gameness defines this bout's character. Every fighter has biological limits, but Diaz and Condit are two fighters who are nearly peerless when it comes to competing up to the outer limit of those boundaries.

Numerous examples of their durability abound. Against Rory MacDonald, Condit was able to withstand a torrential downpour of ground and pound only to stop the rising prospect in the third round. Against Paul Daley, Diaz was floored on more than one occasion in a chaotic see-saw battle only to stop the Brit with strikes late in the first. Condit was floored with gargantuan punches early by Jake Ellenberger, but hung on and eventually took a decision. Diaz was getting drilled by hard punches from Takanori Gomi before driving the Japanese sensation back with strikes, ultimately submitting him with a spectacular gogo plata. The list of their gameness accolades is nearly endless.
I don't want to suggest gameness is the only reason this fight is special. There's obviously more to the story. But the level of gameness both fighters exhibit is extraordinary because they also possess deep experience and technical acumen. Neither fighter is careless, but neither fighter lets caution lord over them. That's unique. Over time as fighters gain experience and add skills, you'll often see a trade off in ferocity. With Diaz and Condit, however, you just see the ferocity more expertly channeled.

Luke's dead right here. Diaz and Condit each possess levels of will and ferocity that almost no other active MMA fighters can match. I'll never forget watching Condit in his corner before the third round of his bout against Rory MacDonald. It was clear just from watching him that MacDonald was in deep trouble despite having won most of the first two rounds. Condit came out with a sense of purpose and a refusal to accept any outcome other than victory.

For his part Diaz is just as ferocious and indomitable. It's really too bad that this fight is being overlooked because welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre is injured and off the card. Of course, if GSP was healthy we'd be looking forward to GSP vs Diaz which isn't half the fight that Diaz vs. Condit promises to be.

Head on over to MMA Fighting and give Luke a warm welcome. Your BE membership will be portable now that Fighting is on the SBN platform.

SBN coverage of UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit

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