UFC Champion Benson Henderson: The physical part is the easiest part actually - The hard part is being emotionally ready

December 6, 2012 Penny Buffington - PennyJoMMA


UFC on Fox 5 Henderson vs Diaz Saturday, December 8, 2012

In anticipation of his upcoming title defense MMA2DAY Show would like to share UFC LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPION BENSON "Smooth" HENDERSON's thoughts leading into the fight:

"I have a process where I mentally get ready, emotionally, spiritually' physically. You know, the physical part is the easiest part actually. The hard part is being emotionally ready. Being mentally ready; being spiritually ready to step inside that octagon and give it everything you have. That's the tough part and that's the part everyone kind of has to learn on their own. Learn what they need to do to be successful and to perform well. The physical part is easy. That's not hard. Ok, do this many wrestling drills, do this many boxing drills, do this many push ups, this many sit ups. It's not hard to be physically ready being emotionally, mentally, spiritually ready, that's the hard part, that's toughie part."

"Both of us have the majority of our wins come from submissions. It's just something that we have to deal with. Again going back to each fighter is going to bring what he brings to the table. Some fighters have a big switch kick to the head. You got to watch out for that switch kick to the head. You got to be aware of it watch out for it. Some guys have good submission games. They might have good triangle arm bar - arm lock, triangle combinations you have to be aware and watch out for those. Nate his submission game is something you have to watch out for. Definitely you can see it in his record with the majority of wins coming by submissions. It is something I have to be aware of. My camp my team we definitely pay attention to it and see how most of his wins came and see what he does to set those up."

"I am pretty good in 5 round fights; whether the fight goes 5 rounds or not I will be prepared. I am ready to go 7 rounds or 8 rounds!"

"I would say early on I wanted to let my faith be more on display. I wanted to wear it on my sleeve so to speak. I wanted to not be ashamed of it. I took that stance I would say early on in my fighting career. But before I started fighting I once had a problem with that. I wasn't as vocal, I wasn't as adamant about my faith and I am not really, I do not think that vocal about it. I get asked a lot of questions about it and I am not afraid to answer those questions obviously honestly openly and to give my testimony. I think that is one thing but I try not to be one of those guys who are overly in your face about it. Hey you have to believe what I ‘believe'. You have to ‘believe', you have to think what I think. Oh if you don't think this you are going to hell. I do not want to be that guy. To me that is not good Christian values. That is not the way Christ wanted us to be. He wants us to be examples and just live your life as a good example and then from that people will ask you questions."

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UFC on Fox 5 Henderson vs Diaz

December 8, 2012 / Key Arena, Seattle, Washington, United States

Main Card

Henderson vs Diaz

Rua vs Gustafsson

Penn vs MacDonald

Swick vs Brown


Edwards vs Stephens

Assuncao vs Easton

Nijem vs Proctor

Cruickshank vs Martinez

Means vs Trujillo

Siver vs Phan

Jorgensen vs Albert

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