BECW4 GP Finals: UFC 155 Live Discussion + Returning Player BECW5 Sign-Ups


Credit to MMA Junkie. Full gallery can be viewed here.

Well, guys, as Bruce Buffer would say, it's time. It's been a long, grueling stretch to the BECW4 finals and with tons of surprises along the way, we're ready to crown a winner. Paulo Filho's Psychiatrist will attempt to lead his Antonio Rodrigo Nohomos to a second straight BECW trophy, but Violent Newt has revenge and redemption on his mind in order to make up for the disappointing end to last season for him. His Wrong Pick Hospital, Right Pick Necessary are looking to win it all as well. Will the Nohomos' swiftman put the team on his back and secure one final victory? Or will sun yue, Our Bovine Public, and PDG27 come together and score efficiently together once more to claim the prize? Will PFP actually lead by example, and finally score above average for once? We are only hours away from determining the next championship team to etch in stone among the likes of season 1's K-1 Level Prediction Team ran by me, season 2's INEPT: Intellegent Northern English Picking Team led by wonderfulspam, and last season's Beta Males that PFP led to victory. This is the best meaningless internet award you could possibly win in your life, so get pumped mutherfukers.

There are still 5 other match-ups, however meaningless they may be to those who are sitting around slitting their wrists at the reminder that they failed to get to the championship game and embarrassed their families and first-born children. Those who played and were eliminated from the Grand Prix will compete in one of three match-ups to determine 3rd-8th place for season 4. We also have the final Bland Prix matches that will determine the best of the worst, and the absolute worst. Throw in a close battle for season MVP, final pushes on the all-time leaderboards, and the anxiety of proving your worth to get a respectable draft number next season and we've got plenty to watch unfold later on.

Speaking of next season, RETURNING PLAYERS should go ahead and sign-up if they're interested for season 5 by following this link and putting an x next to their names. RETURNING PLAYERS. If I say it twice, everyone will understand, right? If you missed picks more than once this season, you're fucked. If you have a history of missing picks in multiple seasons like milk, also fucked. If you've missed one set of picks this season, your head is on the chopping block and we'll have to see if we can fit teams into an easily divisible number in order to pardon your life, but no guarantees at all. New players should expect their sign-ups in the recap post for this event as planned. If you want to captain a team, put your name in the appropriate spot underneath wonderfulspam's, and whether or not it's a yes or maybe. So put 'maybe' like him, I guess, if you only want to do it if we don't get enough volunteers.

Oh, hey, 500 words in and I can finally talk about the actual fights tonight. This card should be super fun. TODDDUFFEE makes his return, Hypnotoad might finally get his pink slip, there's a fucking vampire fighting, Varner has been eating nothing but bread in order to make sure his tummy doesn't hurt too bad before his fight. And that's not even mentioning the awesome main card. Here's the full card:

Main Card (10 PM EST on PPV)
Heavyweight Junior dos Santos (c) vs. Cain Velasquez
Lightweight Joe Lauzon vs. Jim Miller
Middleweight Tim Boetsch vs. Costa Philippou
Middleweight Alan Belcher vs. Yushin Okami
Middleweight Chris Leben vs. Derek Brunson
Preliminary Card (8 PM EST on FX)
Bantamweight Brad Pickett vs. Eddie Wineland
Bantamweight Erik Perez vs. Byron Bloodworth
Lightweight Jamie Varner vs. Melvin Guillard
Lightweight Michael Johnson vs. Myles Jury
Preliminary Card (6:35 PM EST on Facebook)
Heavyweight Todd Duffee vs. Phil De Fries
Featherweight Leonard Garcia vs. Max Holloway
Flyweight Chris Cariaso vs. John Moraga

BECW4 Grand Prix Bracket


Current BECW4 Bland Prix Standings

Bland Prix
Rank Team Name Wins Losses Total points
1 Fucked For Free 1 1 1544
2 The Team That Wars 1 1 1526
3 Buttertooth Brits 1 1 1396
4 The Dogcunt Sklarts 1 1 1376

Once this season wraps up, Horsey (sort of), Spam, and I will be doing all the boring legwork to ensure season 5 is prepared, but thankfully we'll have three weeks to get everything sorted out. You'll have to check the fanposts for an update once we get returning player and new sign-ups both completed. I do still want to do an awards-type thing and could probably use some help with it, but thought it would be a fun addition to the end of each season and we can honor past greats like crazybones at the same time. Let me know if you're interested in assisting, I know Sugel had all sorts of fun ideas for awards.

The full album of Xmas tree tables for each respective match-up is here.

Here's how the picks for MMA Playground as a whole stack up for each of tonight's fights.

And for our fight camp.


I'm pretty sure everyone is banned from the site now for <redacted by mods> but for those who are around, NO EMBEDDED GIFS. Otherwise, come participate in some tomfoolery with your favorite random Internet neckbeard acquaintances (and moll sometimes) while we watch muscly men face-punch each other, selfishly celebrate fighters who play it safe and ride the win out in order to grant us 11 points for predicting a boring unanimous decision, and occasionally go off on wild tangents about Pokemon and other video games. We're pretty cool. Lets civil war mutherfukers.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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