BECW4 GP Semi-Finals Second Leg: TUF 16 Finale Live Discussion


Credit to MMA Junkie, full album can be viewed here.

First off, if you're not involved in BECW4 but viewing this anyways and thinking about joining up for BECW5, there will be information during the next recap post. In the meantime though, you can go ahead and sign up for, make your user name as close to your BE one as possible, and make complete picks for UFC 155, which will be the last event for BECW4. Making picks for that event will be absolutely mandatory if you want in for next season.

Alright, now that the ibuprofen and antacid have kicked in, I think I can get around to typing this. Last night's event had plenty of fun moments, much better than expected, but I guess I'll ramble about that in the recap post. As difficult as I acted like it would be to hype you up for last night's event, this one may be an even harder sell. In any case, quit yer bitchin', it's free fights on back-to-back nights and we even got to hear the sultry sounds of Joe Martinez last night. All but one of the fights I'm looking forward to are featured on the main card, but I suppose there's some other things to watch out for tonight.

Will TJ Waldburger pull off another one of his slick submissions? How will the Russian Sambo and Greg Jackson's fighter Rustam Khabilov fare against heavy-hitting, terribly-nicknamed Vinc Pichel? Can Marcos Vinicius not only win the fight, but continue his streak of never winning by decision; or will the size and grit of Johnny "Mini-Fitch" Bedford be too much for him? For the main card, Melvin Guillard will try to impose his athletically dynamic explosiveness on everyone's favorite Jamie "He came to grapple, I came to fight!" Varner, but Melvin's fight IQ or lack thereof makes this anyone's fight. Pat Barry also fights! But he'll probably just get taken down and submitted. Jonathan Brookins has cool walk-out music and seems like an awesome dude but is being fed to the wolves against Dustin Poirier. The lovable Meathead (Unless you still remember how he acted on TUF) goes up against The Moon Belly in the main event. Both guys have amazing chins, and it's a five-round fight, so let's just hope they're in shape. Here's the full card.

Main Card (FX 9 PM EST)
Heavyweight Roy Nelson vs. Matt Mitrione
Welterweight Colton Smith vs Mike Ricci
Heavyweight Pat Barry vs. Shane del Rosario
Lightweight Melvin Guillard vs. Jamie Varner
Featherweight Dustin Poirier vs. Jonathan Brookins
Preliminary Card (Fuel TV 7 PM EST)
Welterweight Mike Pyle vs. James Head
Bantamweight Johnny Bedford vs. Marcos Vinicius
Lightweight Vinc Pichel vs. Rustam Khabilov
Welterweight TJ Waldburger vs. Nick Catone
Preliminary Card (Facebook 5:35 PM EST)
Bantamweight Reuben Duran vs. Hugo Viana
Lightweight Mike Rio vs. John Cofer
Flyweight Jared Papazian vs. Tim Elliott

With 12 bouts tonight that will all count towards the BECW, one of which being the hot bout, these matches are still ripe for the taking for any team. Unless you're on a team that has multiple players with missed picks, in which case you're probably fucked. The #4 Antonio Rodrigo Nohomos are the top scoring team after the first leg, with a very nice 75-point cushion over #8 The Good, The Bad, and the Dollaway. The Unadulterated Espousers of Hate also enjoy a 40-point lead over #7 Wrong Pick Hospital, Right Pick Necessary in the other BECW4 Grand Prix Semi-Final. #5 SO BILL NAI are a point behind the #1 Cock Guys in their consolation match despite the latter having a no-show player. Wonderfulspam and kreally's sig bet on whose team places higher at the end of the season could be determined tonight, and #2 BECWandDietPepsi are currently losing their match-up by 44 points. In the Bland Prix, Horselover's Fucked For Free is making a statement with the third-highest point total thus far for the week. Better late than never. Here's the current scores for all match-ups going into tonight's card:

The 'Live Standings' sheet of the spreadsheet not only shows all the scores across the league in a convenient manner, but also lists projected Bland Prix standings so if you're interested in seeing how those teams are doing throughout the night, be sure to check it out.

Live Spreadsheet!

For every gif you embed into this post, I kill a kitten. If TC does it again, feel free to make the worst 'TC is British' jokes you can think of. Also, don't talk about illegal streams, and most importantly, don't be a dick. That's my job.

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