BECW4 GP Semi-Finals First Leg: UFC on FX - Sotiropoulos vs. Pearson Live Discussion

Credit to Brendon Thorne

First off, if you're not involved in BECW4 but viewing this anyways and thinking about joining up for BECW5, there will be information during the next recap post. In the meantime though, you can go ahead and sign up for, make your user name as close to your BE one as possible, and make complete picks for UFC 155, which will be the last event for BECW4. Making picks for that event will be absolutely mandatory if you want in for next season.

Anyways, hi everyone. This is where I'd normally try to hype everyone up for tonight's card. This one may be a struggle though. Let's see... Chad Mendes is probably going to beat the crap out of his short-notice opponent. If you're into Bellator-style mismatches and one-sided beatdowns, you should be excited for that. Rousimar Palhares fights against Hector Lombard, and Paul's last seven fights have all been enjoyable, even if it's for all the wrong reasons. Mike Pierce may not always be the most exciting fighter, but he's coming off a big KO against Aaron Simpson, and tonight's opponent Seth Baczynski is one of the few fighters from recent TUF seasons to consistently improve. G-Sot and Pearson may be a fun event since they seem to genuinely not like each other very much, but don't hold me to that. Plus there's a bunch of TUF Smashes guys, including one who wears clown hats.

The top three seeds for the BECW4 Grand Prix were all eliminated in the quarter-finals last week. The four teams that remain are the #4 Antonio Rodrigo Nohomos, #6 Unadulterated Espousers of Hate, #7 Wrong Pick Hospital, Right Pick Necessary, and #8 The Good, The Bad, and the Dollaway. Of course, there's still match-ups to be completed for all 12 teams in order to reach the final standings of the season, 4 of which are in the Bland Prix and fighting to not become the inaugural Keith R. Campbell Memorial Ragequit winners losers. This will be a special occasion as both tonight and tomorrow's cards will count as one event, making ridiculously high scores, a hot bout that won't affect people's final point totals as badly, and a tense, extended intermission between the two days. Here's how tonight's card breaks down:

Main Card (FX 9 PM EST)
Lightweight George Sotiropoulos vs. Ross Pearson
Welterweight Robert Whittaker vs. Brad Scott
Lightweight Colin Fletcher vs. Norman Parke
Middleweight Hector Lombard vs. Rousimar Palhares
Preliminary Card (Fuel TV 6 PM EST)
Featherweight Chad Mendes vs. Yaotzin Meza
Light Heavyweight Igor Pokrajac vs. Joey Beltran
Welterweight Mike Pierce vs. Seth Baczynski
Welterweight Ben Alloway vs. Manuel Rodriguez
Lightweight Brendan Loughnane vs. Mike Wilkinson
Light Heavyweight Nick Penner vs. Cody Donovan

Current BECW4 Grand Prix Bracket


Tonight's Bland Prix Schedule/Current Standings

discoandherpes' The Dogcunt Sklarts (2-5 Season Record, 1-0 Bland Prix) vs. benten20's Buttertooth Brits (3-4 Season Record, 0-1 Bland Prix)

Tim Bernier's The Team That Wars (1-6 Season Record, 1-0 Bland Prix) vs. Horselover's Fucked For Free (3-4 Season Record, 0-1 Bland Prix)

Rank Team Name Wins Losses Total points
1 The Dogcunt Sklarts 1 0 622
2 The Team That Wars 1 0 576
3 Buttertooth Brits 0 1 535
4 Fucked For Free 0 1 525

This link will show you percentages for how PG as a whole is picking each fight, and this one is for just our BECW camp, if you need something to help pass time. Don't post embedded gifs or do anything else to be considered an asshole, or I'll tell on you, and then you'll be in twouble. Normal site rules still apply and blah blah blah. Scream +11 from the rooftops all you'd like though. Let the shit-talking from winning teams and depression from those who've failed commence.

Live Spreadsheet!!!


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