Melvin Guillard: I'll worry about a title when I'm 35 or maybe close to 40


UFC lightweight, Melvin Guillard, talks about fighting Jamie Varner and his fighting future

The Blackzilian camp has become quite the force to be reckoned with. They're racking up the wins at a good clip and have some of the biggest names in combat sports residing under their roof. It's a camp of elite level talent, that is the realized dream of Glenn Robinson and Rashad Evans. On Saturday night, another member from the superstar team, Melvin Guillard, will be fighting. The Young Assassin's last four fights have been touch and go, so he's looking to get back on the winning track against the heavy handed, Jamie Varner. I recently spoke with Guillard, to get his thoughts on his fighting future. Here's what he had to say:

At this point in my career, I'm not too focused on the title anymore, because guys win the title, then they lose the title, and it's like they end up on a downward spiral. If they feel they can't win, then you see them go to different weight classes. Next thing you know, you don't even hear about them.

Right now, I just want to keep competing and fighting. I'll worry about a title when I'm 35 or maybe close to 40. That way, I can win the title, and be close to retirement. Once you win the title, you can't go back to fighting guys that come off The Ultimate Fighter, or new talent, because they're considered fresh meat, or whatever. I like fighting that young, up and coming talent, the tough guys. I'd rather keep it that way for a while. I just fight whoever they ask me to fight.

With both guys being such exciting, talented athletes, but unfortunately coming off losses, the first 30 seconds of the fight may look like two guys being shot out of a cannon. No matter what pace is set, Melvin feels he's well prepared for "whichever Jamie Varner that shows up."

I don't know which Jamie Varner is gonna show up. I know I'm gonna be the fighter that I am, and try to put on a show for the crowd and give my best effort. I'm going in there to walk away with my hand raised. I'm coming in to knock his head off, and I expect nothing less from him. There's no built up animosity here. I barely know Jamie. I only know of him, and of the success he's had in the past. I don't have a personal relationship with him at all, so it's definitely not one of those fights where I'll feel like I need to hold anything back, that's for sure.

We have a total of four world champion jiu jitsu guy at our gym. I'm training gi and no gi, and doing tournaments. I just did a tourney two weeks ago. I'm excited, because wherever this fight goes, I feel I can win. I'm only a blue belt, but I feel my ground awareness and ground IQ has improved a lot. If it goes to the ground, I can fight down there, but people know me. I'm not trying to submit anybody. I'm gonna try and punish this kid. I'm gonna hurt him and make him not ever want to take another fight with me. I don't fight to tap people out. I fight to knock people out.

It would be a huge understatement to say that I'm excited for this fight. When two guys, known for being sluggers, are coming off losses, the focus to win is almost palpable. For me, these almost always make the best fights. Tomorrow night isn't coming fast enough.

You can follow Melvin via his Twitter account @Young__Assassin

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