Daniel Cormier: 'I have fought higher caliber opponents at this stage than Jon did'


Daniel Cormier says he has fought a tougher schedule over his first ten fights than Jon Jones as the war of words between the two continues.

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones have been taking shots at each other for months now. Cormier, currently stuck in Strikeforce until they can find an opponent for him and actually run a show, seems to be more likely to campaign at light heavyweight when he moves to the UFC and the idea of Jones vs. Cormier has many people intrigued.

Fight Hub caught up with Cormier and he doesn't seem so set on moving to light heavyweight, but would do it if Cain Velasquez has the heavyweight title. But he also pointed out that, compared to Jon Jones, he has a more impressive resume through ten fights:

FHTV: What are the possibilities of you fighting Jones at 205 lbs?

Cormier: I said that I would only take that fight IF Cain was UFC heavyweight champion and I was offered the fight with Jones; that was the stipulation. I am totally content at staying at heavyweight. My diet is pretty much whatever I want, I don’t need to cut really any weight and I still am fast an able to compete with a lot of people in my weight class, why move from it?

FHTV: You did well against veteran opponents like Jeff Monson, Bigfoot Silva and Josh Barnett.

Cormier: Thank you. Who I have fought and how I have fought, it says something about me. That shows that I am content fighting wrestlers, bigger guys, jiu jitsu guys, all the division has to offer, I’m ok with and ready for it. When you look at my record at 10-0 as a professional and look at Jon Jones record when he was 10-0, who was his toughest guy? Stephan Bonnar and he did not finish him. I have fought higher caliber opponents at this stage in my career than Jon did in his at 9-1; His tenth fight was Matt Hammil.

For reference, here are the first ten opponents for each.

Cormier - Gary Frazier (W-TKO-2), John Devine (W-KO-1), Lucas Browne (W-TKO-1), Tony Johnson (W-SUB-1), Jason Riley (W-SUB-1), Soa Palelei (W-SUB-1), Devin Cole (W-DEC), Jeff Monson (W-DEC), Antonio Silva (W-KO-1), Josh Barnett (W-DEC)

Jones - Brad Bernard (W-TKO-1), Carlos Eduardo (W-KO-3), Anthony Pina (W-SUB-1), Ryan Verrett (W-TKO-1), Parker Porter (W-KO-1), Moyses Gabin (W-TKO-2), André Gusmão (W-DEC), Stephan Bonnar (W-DEC), Jake O'Brien (W-SUB-2), Matt Hamill (L-DQ-1)

I suppose you have to give the slight edge to Cormier as Bigfoot and Barnett are much tougher than anyone Jones fought, but the first ten fights mean 6-8 fights that aren't really worth anything but time in the cage.

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