Anthony Johnson says he'd take a fight with Arlovski for a WSOF card

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Anthony Johnson discusses his KO win over Linderman, WSOF and a possible future fight with Andrei Arlovski.

Saturday night's World Series of Fighting card was a great event.I'm not sure what the viewer numbers were like, but it was executed well, the production values were good and despite the chatter of mismatches, for a debut event, they did exactly what they should. They gave casual fans a reason to come back and watch another show. That's just smart business. I know I'll be among those that watch the next event.

Among a plethora of exciting finishes was Anthony Johnson's spectacular KO of D.J. Linderman. After a lot of trash talking from Linderman's side, he was unable to back it up with anything more than a faceplant. In a little over three months, Johnson has had three fights at light heavyweight, all wins, the last two by knockout. Gone are the days of torturing himself physically to make weights his body could no longer reach, or even acclimate to by fight time. He says he has no problem making 205, and feels that he's found his niche there. We recently had the opportunity to talk to Anthony in a quick interview, to get his thoughts on the WSOF promotion, the recent comments about a possible fight with Andrei Arlovski at heavyweight. and his comments in the post fight interview with Mike Straka.

Linderman's pre-fight trash talk

He was talking about how much power he had, this and that. I tested his power, but he didn't really hit me with anything except his fingers, so I never got a chance to feel it. I think he was just hyping up the fight, so I don't hold anything against him. I just let him say what he was gonna say. My hat is off to him. He's still a tough fighter.

Eye poke

When I had him up against the cage, and he was trying to get up, I kneed him. He started swinging, and put his hands out, and poked me in the eye in the process. He didn't do it on purpose. He didn't even know that he'd poked my eye, and Herb Dean didn't see it. I was definitely trying to let him know, though [laughs]. Herb was like, 'I didn't see nothing. Keep fighting.' I'm glad he didn't stop the fight, because if he had, I might not have gotten that knockout like I did.

He scratched my eye a little bit, but nothing serious. It's really red in the right corner of my eye, but overall, it's pretty good. I'm fine. He was really cool about everything, and hit me up with a tweet and was real respectful about it.


It was their first show, but everything went smooth and everybody did their best. Once they get the ball rolling, everything will run even better with experience. This was just a preview for everyone to see how things were going to be. I think it only gets better from here.

Post fight interview

205 is my home now, and I'm not going anywhere. I'm happy at this weight, and I'm going to keep it that way. The reason why I said he got knocked out by a 170 pounder was because he was talking about he was a heavyweight with all this speed and power. Well, I used to fight at 170, so he's not the only one that fought in a different weight class. I came up and he went down. I was just showing him what a guy that used to fight two weight classes down can do.

Andrei Arlovski

I would take a fight with Arlovski if it was offered to me. I said I wanted to go up to heavyweight to try it out when I spoke to Damon Martin. I was serious. I don't know that I'd want to stay there, but I want to try it out. I would definitely fight him if I had the opportunity. He's a great athlete. I would consider it for a World Series of Fighting card, if the opportunity arose. *edited for clarification*

Fast Bikes

When I'm on my bike, I don't do stunts and anything crazy. Glenn trusts me, and doesn't say anything to me about my bike. I keep both tires on the ground [laughs]. I'm already taking a chance by riding a bike, so I do it safely. I just have a love and a passion for bikes. Don't get me wrong, I'll let the wind flow through my hair [laughs], but I drive pretty safe and don't do anything crazy.

Here are some pictures of Anthony's custom Hayabusa:



You can follow Anthony via his Twitter account, @Anthony_Rumble

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