The Ultimate Fighter Isn't Dead

People kept lobbying for it to die. NO one watches it. Kill it. Kill it with fire. Etc. etc.

'The Ultimate Fighter 16' ratings: Episode No. 8 ties season best with 1.1 million viewers

It took 7 episodes to finally have a great fight this season. And just like the Mayhem/Bisping season I watched because there were consistently great fights. Half and hour of drama that is somewhat entertaining I can sit through, just to see a never before seen fight. Jon Manley submitted James Channey in a great round 1 war.

Trading punches, submission attempts/escapes, ground and pount, more submissions. Someone biting someone. Damn! That's a fight.

And I think with these ratings it proves TUF is going to keep going. And it won't stop. If the level of talent or at least the fights are good, people will watch. And this season the fights aren't just bad. They're fucking awful. Having this many people watch essentially drama is still impressive. No matter what you think about TUF, without a doubt it creates great exposure for most of the fighters.

And don't forget this didn't have a Live Card to lead into. This was all on its own. (Unless someone tells me otherwise)

I have friends that are casual fans, who WANT to watch a TJ Dilashaw fight, a Diego Brandao fight because they know them. They know who Court McGee is whereas if Court McGee came into the UFC any other way I doubt he'd have much of a following. Hell, Roy Nelson got a lot of his popularity through TUF.

TUF ain't dying. It's just had some of the worst fights I've ever seen that's associated with a top promotion. BRING THE FUCKING FLYWEIGHTS IN FUCK. Do another 135/145. Comeback season. PLEASE. AND GETTING THE FUCK OFF FRIDAYS is going to be massive. Ain't nobody got time for that shit on a FRIDAY.

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