So... what if they just made up a bunch of weight classes like boxing did

I read some article written by Loretta Hunt. She was pretty disparaging about the recent situation of the UFC. I don't know if her opinion matters, her only relevance to me is she is the lady that Dana White called a c--- and I can't tell if she always was and deserved it or this kind of Hashmo-level "journalism" is a result of being called one, but her inane ramblings gave me an idea.

So many high caliber fighters are being injured and the results have been cancelled cards. There are only so many "marquee" bouts. They've added in the past 3 years 145, 135 and now 125... but it seems like these classes aren't drawing fans for whatever reason which isn't worth getting into right now. HOWEVER 170 and 155 have never been as stacked as they currently are, so why not make excuses to have a few more "title" fights.

175lbs - Superwelterweight

160lbs - Cruiserweight

195lbs - "Money"weight or Franklinweight

225lbs - Mediumheavyweight

You look at this and say "oh just another Hashmo post" but let's be honest, if they are going to give you fights like Stephen Bonnar vs Anderson Silva, replace an injured hendo with Vitor Belfort against Jon Jones then follow it up with Chael Sonnen vs Jon Jones it is clear that they don't have much respect for what the casual fan is probably thinking because they're expected to overlook the mismatches and bizarre ranking systems for some marquee bouts.

So what if we could get a title fight with Nick Diaz at 175lbs. What if guys like Michael Bisping who are tired of waiting for a title shot could face someone like Chris Weidman a few pounds heavier, one of them now has a belt and returns to 185lbs for this "champion vs. champion" angle the UFC just loves.

This is not the worst idea I have ever had.

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