Glory 3 Rome Final 8 live discussion thread

Join us here at Bloody Elbow to discuss today's big kickboxing event - Glory 3 Rome Final 8, crowning the world's best 70kg kickboxer.

It's a hectic fight weekend, with all sorts of MMA action going on. But if you are a fan of stand-up fighting, this weekend's top priority should be Glory 3 Rome Final 8. The show features a one night, 8 man tournament that will determine the top 70kg fighter in the world.

Glory 3 Rome airs today at 3:30 p.m. ET / 12:30 p.m. PT. You can watch it via live stream at for $15, on TV at Fight Now TV, or select providers including DIRECTV and Dishwill be offering it as a PPV for $19.99. The full fight card, with results from yesterday's weigh-in is below.

The big attraction here is kickboxing pound for pound king Giorgio Petrosyan. He's the best in the world, and looks to prove it in the tournament - ideally in the finals with the much anticipated showdown with Robin van Roosmalen. For more on the card, check out my preview.

Glory 3 Rome preview: Giorgio Petrosyan looks to defend his position as the world's best kickboxer

However you watch, join us here at Bloody Elbow to discuss all the happenings at Glory 3 Rome. See you this afternoon!

FINAL 8 Quarter-Finalists
Giorgio Petrosyan - 70 kilos / 154.3lbs Vs. Ky Hollenbeck - 70 kilos / 154.3lbs
Robin Van Roosmalen - 70 kilos / 154.3lbs Vs. Tim Thomas - 68.1 kilos / 150.1lbs
Yoshihiro Sato - 69.8 kilos / 153.9lbs Vs. Sanny Dahlbeck - 69.8 kilos / 153.9lbs
Shemsi Beqiri - 70 kilos / 154.3lbs Vs. Davit Kiria - 69.4 kilos / 153lbs

Tournament Reserve Fights
Dzhabar Askerov - 69.9 kilos / 154lbs Vs. Warren Stevelmans - Will weight in late by prior arrangement
Fabio Pinca - 69.8 kilos / 153.9lbs Vs. Alessandro Campagna - 70 kilos / 154.3lbs

Lightweight match (70 kilos): Jordan Watson - 70.1 kilos / 155.5lbs Vs. Mustapha Haida - 70.3 kilos / 155lbs
Catchweight match (73 kilos): Alka Matewa - 73 kilos / 160.9lbs Vs. Marco re - 71.6 / 157.9lbs

MMA rules - Lightweight (70 kilos): David Dolce (69.4 kilos / 154 lbs) vs. Cesario di Domenico (70 kilos / 154.3lbs)
Glory Kickboxing Rules - Lightweight (70 kilos):
Ivan Musardo - 70.5 kilos / 155.4lbs vs. Giorgio Belsanti (66 kilos / 145.5 lbs)
Riccardo Lecca - 72.8 kilos Vs. Giuseppe D'Amuri 72.5
Emmanuelle Raini (69.5) Vs. Julian Imeri (69.5)

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