Why the Winner of Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar is the #1 Pound for Pound Fighter in the World



Hello mutherfukers. I've almost gone back to full on lurking status as of late, and I am tired of shutting the fuck up, so you get to read (all 8 of you) some of my musings today. I read in the comments of FPT's write up that people were missing good fanposts. Since I can't write one of those, you guys and gals get this one. It might not be the fanpost you need, but it is the one you deserve.

Yes, I know that it blasphemy to bring up P4P without the names GSP, SIlva, or JBJ. I also know that P4P criteria is different from person to person, and it is all hypothetical. The accomplishments of the "Big 3" in MMA are not in doubt here. They have dominated solid to great competition, and cemented their legacies as legendary fighters. In my ever so humble opinion, none of them are the #1 overall pound for pound fighter.

Right now, I would vote for Jose Aldo as the #1 for one major reason. He is a viable 3 division fighter (he has discussed going to 135 and 155, and supposedly would have no trouble making either weight). Very few guys could comfortably fight in 3 different divisions, but I would argue that there is no one in any of those divisions that Aldo would be an underdog on a betting line against.

I have given this some thought, and I honestly don't think Benson Henderson, reigning LW champion, would be a betting favorite against the killing machine that is Jose Aldo. Nate Diaz maybe? Gray Maynard? I certainly wouldn't bet against Aldo in any of those fights.

Now lets go down a weight class to the 135 pound division. Aldo has spoken that making 135 would not be a difficult cut for him, and has expressed some interest in doing so. To put it politely, this would be Dominick Cruz's worst nightmare. While I really enjoy his fighting style, I can see any way that fight goes where Cruz does not take a violent beating. Other than Michael McDonald catching Aldo with one of his mythical strikes blessed by the power of the gods, there are no threats to Aldo in the division (no disrespect intended toward Renan Barao, but I see no way he can compete with Aldo, despite being a clear top 3 at 135).

Now, onto the man that has a (very slim) chance to stake his claim as the best P4P fighter in the world, Frankie "The Answer" Edgar. A former LW champion (and the real one, judges decision aside, in the eyes of some fans), Edgar was shown to be able to compete with the best in the LW division, despite his size disadvantage to all his opponents. He not only dethroned the most dominant LW in history in BJ Penn, but followed that performance up with a clean sweep in their immediate rematch.

Edgar followed that with two epic battles with Gray Maynard, drawing in their first fight after getting knocked out 3 times in the first round, and a shocking comeback 4th round KO to put the LW gold back around his waist. Edgar then went onto to lose a decision to Benson Henderson, and a second (albeit VERY controversial) one as well. Many fans still feel he is the true 155 champ, but that pays no bearing here.

WW kingpin GSP recently said that he believes Edgar is the #1 P4P fighter in the world because of his success against larger opponents. With all the talk of superfights lately, not enough hype is going into the first real one we have had since GSP/Penn 2. GSP/Silva might happen (as has been the case for years), and Silva/Jones is not happening. This is the superfight we will actually be getting, and in my opinion it will decide the #1 P4P fighter.

Aldo should win this fight, and adding a win over a man that is a controversial decision from being the 155 champ really gives credibility to his level of dominance. Fighting and beating one of the best a higher division has to offer means a lot towards P4P rankings for me. He is now talking about a possible move to 155 if he defeats Edgar, which would shake that division up in a major way.

On the flip side, if Frankie somehow pulls off the upset (and any man with 2 wins over BJ Penn at 155 cannot just be discounted), he will be the 3rd 2 division champ in UFC history. Randy Couture. BJ Penn. Frankie Edgar? Somehow, he is only one more big upset from making that happen. If the man gains a 2nd world title in a different weight class (plus with a win over Jose fucking Aldo), that has to bump him way up the P4P list.

By the conclusion of this fight, we will know one of two things. Either Aldo makes the statement loud and clear that is the dominant fighter of the lower weight classes, or Frankie Edgar shocks the world again and joins the elite champions of all time. This is seriously the most important fight ever at a lower weight class, not to mention having major implications in both the LW and FW divisions. It embodies everything that is a "Superfight", and I personally cannot wait to see it.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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