What's next for Georges St. Pierre?

Since his return and ensuing victory, MMA fans all want to know what is next? Is the fight versus Anderson Silva finally on the horizon? Or will the current shake up in the welterweight division scratch the possibility of the superfight? In my opinion the superfight has to happen. Yes GSP is in his prime, but how much longer can Anderson Silva maintain this dominant pace? If not now, when? UFC should take advantage of any potential superfight they can make. It will only strengthen their brand. This is the biggest MMA fight to make, period. MMA doesn't want to go in the foot steps of boxing and never deliver the big fight everyone wants.

So you don't think the "superfight" is the right direction, then what? That brings us to these possible match-ups;

Georges St. Pierre vs. Johnny Hendricks

Georges St. Pierre vs. Nick Diaz

Out of those two possible matchups, I personally prefer Nick Diaz. Here is why:

I understand that Nick lost his last fight, and Johnny won his last fight. Making Johnny Hendricks the "more deserving", if you will. Let's look at Diaz's last loss. It was to Carlos Condit in a fight that could have gone either way. Many people gave that fight to Diaz, but unfortunately for him, the three people he had to convince thought otherwise. Don't leave it in the hands of the judges, I know. But should fighters be faulted for someone not knowing how to correctly do their job? I mean two out of three judges thought Timothy Bradley won against Manny Pacquiao (same athletic commission). So even though it's a loss in the official W-L column, I don't think Diaz lost that fight.

Now, Johnny Hendricks. In two of his last three fights, BOOM, knockout. Great for him. But what happens when he doesn't get the KO? You get the performance he had against Josh Koscheck which for some reason people are choosing to ignore. I can't. Koscheck took Hendricks down several times. Hendricks barely won a fight that the judges could have easily scored to Koscheck. Koscheck ended the fight on top of Hendricks. So if Koscheck was able to control Hendricks on the ground, what makes you think GSP won't do the same? His only shot at winning versus GSP is the KO, that's all. Same deal with Dan Hardy and how did that turn out? GSP will take Hendricks down and "ground & pound" a decision. If that happens, won't people just prefer to have watched GSP fight Diaz, who does have a ground game? Hendricks showed no threat in a ground game versus Koscheck, none.

So if I were the UFC, I'd make the superfight. If the sides can't agree to a weight, whether catch weight or someone moves up or down, the Nick Diaz fight makes the most sense. But that's just me. I want to know what everyone else feels about this...

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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