UFC: Darren Elkins is preparing for the Zombie apocalypse

Photo credit: Eric Bolte-US PRESSWIRE - Eric Bolte-US PRESSWIRE

UFC featherweight, Darren Elkins, discusses his reasoning behind calling out The Korean Zombie

After a very dominant victory over Steven Siler at UFC 154, Darren Elkins now sits at 4-0 in the featherweight division. He's probably the best UFC fighter that you haven't really seen, due to being relegated to the prelims and undercards. That might be changing soon, though, especially if he gets his wish to be matched up with Chan Sung Jung aka The Korean Zombie. I recently spoke with Darren, and got his thoughts on a possible bout with the Zombie, why he chose to call him out, and strengths he feels will aid him in defeating him. Here's what he had to say:

Well, I just think he's got a lot of hype behind him, and he's got a good win streak going. I'm a big fan of his. He's an exciting fighter, he comes to fight every time, he's always in great shape. It's a fight that would be fun, and I'd like to do it. I think each fight is a challenge, and I consider this a big challenge, because he's getting better with each fight. He's definitely tough, and won't be an easy opponent to beat, but I'm up for the task. I want to see how I do against a guy like him. He's been smashing some pretty tough opponents and I definitely feel he deserves the hype.

I think I'm going to be stronger than him. I'm pretty big, and I'm stronger than everyone I fight at 145. I defintely think I'll have the strength advantage. Other than that, I'll need to mix it up. I've got to keep him guessing. That's another tool I'm going to have to use in that fight, keeping him on his toes.

Darren and his management have not yet spoken to any of the Zuffa brass about making this bout, but hope that enough of a fan response can be initiated to at least draw attention to it. A fight like this could mean all the difference in his career, and might finally get him to main card status, where bigger money awaits.

No, we haven't spoken to anybody, yet, but that's the plan. We've definitely got to start with the fans and get them behind it. We're beginning that push now, so hopefully they get on board with it. I just think I need to fight a guy that has a lot of fans, and a definite title push behind him. That's the kind of guy I want to fight, somebody that's going in the same direction. He doesn't have an opponent right now, due to the other guys being tied up, so it just makes sense to me to make it happen. I've been watching him for a while, and have always thought it would be a fun fight. I haven't really thought about fighting anyone else.

When I last spoke with Darren, we were treated to a fun street fight story, so I couldn't resist going for a little more on a personal level. This time, I asked about how he spent his holiday. He didn't have any bathroom beatdown tales, but he did buy himself an assault rifle.

[Laughs] No, no bathroom brawls. I've just been hanging out with the family. I did buy myself a gun over the last week. It's an AR-15, and I've been shooting that quite a bit. It's an assault rifle, so I just target practice with it so I can get ready for the zombie apocalypse. [Laughs] I figure if I can fight a zombie with my bare hands and maybe beat him, then I will likely be ready for the zombie apocalypse.

Darren was nice enough to give me an exclusive photo of himself with his new gun for our readers. Here it is:


You can follow Darren via his Twitter account, @Darren_Elkins

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