Street Fighting Diaries: Tom Lawlor's Spartan brawl

Photo credit: Rafael Suanes-US PRESSWIRE - Rafael Suanes-US PRESSWIRE

UFC middleweight, Tom Lawlor, recounts college party street fight that ended with a giant umbrella sailing over a balcony to take out some brawling thugs.

Saturday night's UFC 154 card saw Tom Lawlor lose a disappointing decision to Francis Carmont that many saw going his way, despite what the judges decision read. Despite that loss, Tom rises head and shoulders above the rest with fun walkouts and weigh-in antics. I recently got a great interview with Tom, and was able to add a new story to my street fight series. This one may just have topped Darren Elkins' bathroom brawl. This great tale takes place at a college party, circa early 2007. Here's the skinny on why that night, Lawlor dined in Hell.

*Note: The question posed was in two parts. We first asked if he and Seth Petruzelli had ever gotten into a street fight together, and then got a story of one of his own, without Seth.*

With Seth Petruzelli

I've never gotten into one with Seth at my side, but we did have to restrain him one time at a night club, as he was telling all the bouncers, 'Don't you know who I am?!' That's about the closest I've ever seen him get to a street fight. This was probably within six months of him knocking out Kimbo Slice. He went on this little tirade, and the bouncers probably did know who he was, to be honest. The fact that he said that is a great laughing matter among our friends.

Solo projects

There's not too many. I'd say I probably have a losing record in street fights. If I have to pick a comedic moment, I remember one from my first year in college. There was this party, and I don't even know how it happened, but a fight broke out, a fight that I was not involved in. I was talking to a girl, and this fight breaks out on the balcony behind me. I continued talking to the girl, trying to hit on her, and at that point, the fight kind of spilled over into me. I get involved, and punch a guy a few times, and then walked over and started talking to the girl again. Then, I jumped back in the fight.

After another minute or two, the fight spilled to the downstairs area. I was still on the balcony on the second floor, and I think this time frame was right after 300 had come out, so I picked up an umbrella. It was one of those table umbrellas that's on a stick in the middle of a table. I picked it up and I yelled, 'THIS IS SPARTA!', and I threw the umbrella. It caught all the wind and turned sideways, but it still got the trajectory. If this would have hit somebody else not involved, it would've been really bad, now that I think about it [laughs]. This thing would have done some major damage, so I'm pretty happy that the wind caught it. The wind caught it though, and it ended up hitting like eight people that were involved in this fight. That's probably the best one I can think of.

And that is one of the many reasons why Tom Lawlor will always be one of my favorite athletes. He brings the laughs, whether it be intentional or unintentional. Keep those hits coming, Filthy!

You can follow Tom via his Twitter account, @FilthyTomLawlor

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