The Ultimate Fight Collection 2012 Contest: Loretta Hunt thinks the Sky is Falling

The sky is falling.
One year later, the Fox deal sucks!


I don’t purport to be a business expert but something tells me Rome was not built in one day. Something told me that U.S. President Barack Obama was not going to turn around the economy back in 2008 or 2009. Did Franklin Delano Roosevelt get the United States back on track from the Great Depression in 1 or 2 years? Did Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh bring the Miami Heat a NBA title during their first year together? Yes, I know Garnett, Allen, Pierce (and Rondo) did it in one year.

"I don't think it's realistic for any of us to go into this and expect to see that transformation in six months or a year, You expect it to happen over several years hoping that once you get to 2017, 2018, you really have arrived as a mainstream sport, and I believe that's where we're going to end up ."

- Mike Mulvihill, Fox Sports senior vice president of programming and research

After reading Loretta Hunt’s the sky is falling piece title "What’s wrong with the UFC, how the Fox deal spawned a diluted product," it made me realized how much I prefer watching fights as opposed to watching, prognosticating, and analyzing the raw data.

We are still in the 1st year of the UFC on Fox. Did the fights really suck? Does the ratings and stat make you enjoy Neer vs Ludwig any less? UFC on Fox 2 was kind of dry but Sonnen vs Bisping, Weidman vs Maia was significant. A card that was impacted by the dreaded injury bug which was all Dana’s fault for signing up with Fox. Do you remember how horribly diluted Kampmann vs Alves was on FX2? And of course the hardcore fan favorite Chan Sung Jung’s low rating affair against Dustin Poirier. You do know that the Korean Zombie and Poirier are not huge PPV draws. What I do know for sure is that the relatively low PPV numbers for UFC 153 does not reflect how great that event was. Jon Fitch won a Fight of the Night award. Apparently the prelims did 1 million viewers on the FX network. Is that good? Who cares, Jon Fitch was involved in an exciting contest that ended in a decision!

Loretta Hunt’s article is interesting but it is unfortunate she complains about the UFC inability to produce a second "lightning rod" moment like NASCAR did on FOX. What was that moment you ask? The Death of Dale Earnhardt was the pivotal lightning rod moment for NASCAR. The first UFC lightning rod moment was Griffin vs. Bonnar I. Apparently the death of Earnhardt tremendously helped NASCAR and FOX enjoy great ratings. No, read the article! The UFC totally needs a "MOMENT" so controversial, devastating and pivotal. Maybe Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen should employ the "f*ck it" fighting style of Leonard Garcia. Or maybe Jones should unleash 12-6 hellbows on Sonnen’s orbital bone!

Like many others, Hunt complained about the fact that JDS and Velasquez squandered a golden opportunity by fighting on national television for only 64 seconds. How dare they?!? Maybe they both should have pulled out of the fight due to their injuries. Despite the many financial incentives in place for fighters to entertain fans via SON, KON or FON bonuses the UFC still are unable to control the duration of fights (JDS vs Velasquez), the quality of fights (Clay Guida vs. Gray Maynard), bad decisions, stoppages or the injury bug? What gives?

I know, I know, I get it. The ratings suck. TUF sucks. There are too many PPV events. There are too many injuries caused by too many events. (Gee, I wonder how many fighters are complaining about the many opportunities available to fight, read-get paid, with so many MMA events? Or the exposure FOX will bring their personal brands?)

Mma_cartoon002_medium -------------------------
Loretta Hunt: What’s wrong with the UFC, how the Fox deal spawned a diluted product

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