UFC 154: Anderson Silva on challenging Georges St. Pierre in the cage 'this is not me'

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

News came out earlier today that Anderson silva would be meeting with the MMA media before the start of UFC 154. Check out what the Middleweight champ had to say here.

In the weeks leading up to UFC 154, all the talk has been about the potential superfight between returning Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre and Middleweight king Anderson Silva. The clash of champions has been talked about and rumored for years now, but never come to fruition. This time Anderson Silva will be appearing cageside for GSP's return after a 19 month injury layoff. Less than an hour before the first fight of the night, Silva held a press conference for the MMA media.

Here's what Silva had to say (via the Twitter accounts of Ariel Helwani and Bleacher Report):

"I'm the new Dana White. I'm Dana Black."

On challenging GSP: "Maybe. I don't know"

"GSP for my next fight, maybe. Jon Jones? Not real. This is Dana's decision. I fight for UFC."

"My first goal is GSP. Second goal? Maybe Jon Jones. I don't know. This is Dana's decision"

Anderson on if he would be down to fight in May: "I need to check my schedule."

"In my opinion, Georges wins tonight."

"If Georges doesn't win, I don't know. Maybe Weidman, maybe someone else (next)."

Silva on TUF season opposite Bisping, "Good idea, you should talk to Dana."

Silva on weight for fight against GSP, "maybe 177"

"I'm happy, very happy, I like my work. I have my problems with Dana, but I love Dana."

Anderson says he will not enter the cage tonight if GSP wins. "This is not me," he said.

According to Ed Soares, Anderson has two fights left on his contract.

And that's it folks. Personally, I'm disappointed to hear him say he won't step in the cage if GSP wins, but he says so much that contradicts itself that I'm still not sure. At the very least, it's good to here that he's backing off from taking a full year off fighting. Losing a year of Anderson Silva toward the end of his career would be a huge loss for MMA as a whole. Follow up with us after the event to see how everything plays out.

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