BECW4: UFC 154 - GSP vs. Condit Live Discussion (Last Regular Season Match!)


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Ah, it's almost here. Playoff time. Do you hear that? I think it's the sound of crying from 4 teams who will get a first-class ticket straight to the Bland Prix after tonight. Lots of info to touch on, let's see if I can remember half of it at least. First, here's Spam's summary of what each team faces going into tonight as far as playoff possibilities.

Week 7 is going to be a lot of fun. Here's how it looks for every team:
1 Cock Guys: already qualified.
2 Full Etim: same.
3 Team BECWandDietPepsi: will definitely qualify with a win, could miss the playoffs with a terrible performance but should get a wildcard spot at the very least
4 Wrong Pick Hospital, Right Pick Necessary: crucial matchup against Nohomos will determine who grabs a top 2 spot and who has to hope for a wildcard spot. Is Newt going to captain another team with a lot of promise and nothing to show for it?
5 The Good, The Bad and The Dolloway: will likely need to either beat SO BILL NAI or at least put up a good score.
6 Buttertooth Brits: win or bust against the Espousers, could well drop as far as 11th with a loss.
7 Antonio Rodrigo Nohomos: a win by more than 7 points over Wrong Pick Hospital will move them up to 2nd in the division but a respectable score may be enough for a wildcard spot.
8 Unadulterated Espousers of Hate: in the same situation as the Nohomos - beating benten's Brits guarantees a spot.
9 SO BILL NAI: 70 points from securing a wildcard spot, need a win or a very good performance.
10 The Dogcunt Sklarts: Score listed in the recap isn't correct - the one in the live spreadsheet (2939) is. Luke Nelson hadn't been replaced in the recap spreadsheet. Need to outscore the Espousers by around 100 points while rooting for the Espousers to beat the Brits if they want to qualify automatically but could make playoffs via wildcard with a spectacular performance.
11 Fucked For Free: are fucked. For free.
12 The Team That Wars: picked up their first win way too late. Any more real namers called Tim B out there? If so, Season 5 is your chance to lead a team to absolute failure.

It's been 568 days since the last time we saw Georges St. Pierre in the octagon. So, honestly, if you're not excited about tonight's event, you might want to check your pulse. "Oh, but he's a boring point fighter!" Oh? Well you're a redundant buffoon. They could have filled this card with all of the Matt Browns, CB Dollaways, and that Zhang guy who I can't spell the first name of and I would still be hyped. But there's actually quite a few fun match-ups. Obviously the Johny Hendricks vs. Martin Kampmann fight stands out, since it's impossible for the Dane to have a bad fight. But even though the rest of the main card doesn't hold any star-power, the entire card top to bottom is filled with competitive fights. Here's the full card, minus the Nick Ring vs. Costa Philippou which was cancelled earlier due to Nick being ill.

Main Card (10 PM EST)
Welterweight Georges St-Pierre (C) vs. Carlos Condit (IC)
Welterweight Martin Kampmann vs. Johny Hendricks
Middleweight Francis Carmont vs. Tom Lawlor
Lightweight Mark Bocek vs. Rafael dos Anjos
Featherweight Mark Hominick vs. Pablo Garza
Preliminary Card (FX) (8 PM EST)
Middleweight Patrick Côté vs. Alessio Sakara
Light Heavyweight Cyrille Diabaté vs. Chad Griggs
Lightweight Sam Stout vs. John Makdessi
Featherweight Antonio Carvalho vs. Rodrigo Damm
Preliminary Card (Facebook) (6:35 UFC TIME)
Welterweight DEEP WATERS vs. John Maguire
Bantamweight Azamat Gashimov vs. Ivan Menjivar
Featherweight Steven Siler vs. Darren Elkins

Tonight's Schedule

Sexysassy Division

19miles' Full Etim (4-2) vs. Horselover Fat's Fucked For Free (2-4)

lanky6's The Good, The Bad, And The Dollaway (3-3) vs. kreally's SO BILL NAI (3-3)

Intellegent Division

POW's Cock Guys (5-1) vs. discoandherpes' The Dogcunt Sklarts (2-4)

benten20's Buttertooth Brits (3-3) vs. Sweet Scientist's Unadulterated Espousers of Hate (2-4)

Ketchup Division

wonderfulspam's BECWandDietPepsi (4-2) vs. Tim Bernier's The Team That Wars (1-5)

Violent Newt's Wrong Pick Hospital, Right Pick Necessary (4-2) vs. PFP's Antonio Rodrigo Nohomos (3-3)

Here's the album of Xmas Tree Tables for this event's match-ups if you're interested.

Division Standings/Playoff Picture



Quick notes.

  • After tonight, the top 8 teams go to the Grand Prix, the other 4 the Bland Prix, but you should really know that by now.
  • Grand Prix Seeding consists of #1/#8 and #4/#5 on one side, #2/#7 and #3/#6 on the other.
  • Consolation brackets will be assigned after the quarterfinals for losers to calculate end of season rankings.
  • The Bland Prix will be a round-robin, playing each of the other teams once.
  • The Bland Prix winner and the Keith R. Campbell memorial trophy or whatever we call that now will be decided by head-to-head Bland Prix records, then points in case of a tiebreaker.
  • Here's the calendar for the playoffs:
      • Quarterfinals: December 8th, UFC on FOX 5
      • Semifinals: December 14th/15th, UFC on FX 6/TUF 16 Finale COMBO Card
      • BECW Finals: December 29th, UFC 155
  • Thankfully BECW5 won't kick off until January 19th for UFC on FX 7, so we should have plenty of time to make the necessary preparations. We'll have sign-ups for returning players, so make sure to read these posts to find out when.
  • If you get all pissy because you end up in the Bland Prix or lose in the first round of the Grand Prix and decide not to bother to make picks for the last events, you're probably not going to be welcome for next season.
  • I want to get this posted and get it over with because my Internet was acting up earlier. I can't remember whether or not all 10 scores are supposed to count for playoff time though. If that's the case, we need a tiebreaker to fall back on. And the rules laid out clearly in advance. So you might want to look for verification on that if you're a captain, once someone with a better memory chimes in.

Spreadsheet Link!!!

If there's anything else you're curious about, ask below. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the fights in a little under 3 hours from the time of this posting, unless someone manages to injure himself backstage. I wouldn't even be surprised at this point.

Now then...


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