UFC 154: Martin Kampmann talks Johny Hendricks, Condit vs. GSP

Mark Kolbe

UFC welterweight Martin Kampmann is just a few days from what is likely the biggest bout of his career against Johny Hendricks in the co-main event of UFC 154. The winner might end up with a title shot against the guy who comes out on top in the main event, a title unification bout between Georges St. Pierre and Carlos Condit. Kampmann spoke to The Fight Corner about his bout this weekend, and the first topic was his work with Hendricks in the past. The two men were training partners in Las Vegas for a while, and they each offered the other some help with their weaknesses - Kampmann worked with Hendricks on his standup, while Hendricks helped improve Kampmann's wrestling. He talked about Johny's boxing now:

"I definitely feel I can catch him on the feet and catch him pretty good. At the same time, Johny’s evolved a lot. His boxing’s gotten a lot better, I was helping him get his stand-up better. He was helping me with my wrestling," Martin said of their past experiences together. "We had a beneficial training relationship. One thing he did have, even when he was very raw, he’s got good power. So, of course, you can’t come in and leave too many holes."

He also said he'd be happy to win by either KO or sub, but finishing is the main goal:

"I'd love to knock out Johny, but if he gives me a chance to sneak in a submission, I'll be happy to take that too. The bottom line is I want to finish the fight. I don't want to go to the judges' decision, I want to finish the fight, knocking him out or getting the submission, either way I'll be a happy man.


I'm still going to go in there for the kill, try to finish it, I'm sure he's going to do the same to me. I know this opponent way better than a lot of other opponents I've had, so I feel confident going into the fight. I know his wrestling's good, I know his power's good, I've trained with him before. It's easy to train for, that's a good thing. It's easier to train for cause you know a lot of the strong points, but at the same time you can change a lot in a couple years."

As for the main event, who does he want to win?

"For me it'd be better with Carlos winning, especially because I got a win on him. I know he wants the rematch. But at the same time, I'd like to fight GSP. He's the all-time best welterweight, so that's the guy I'd like to beat."

At this point, I'd be happy with any matchup that comes out of this. All the combinations sound like excellent fights and fans really can't go wrong with any of it.

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