BECW4: UFC Macau Live Discussion



Rise and shine, boys and girls! I am your weekend daddy, and here is your sugar. After four excruciating weeks, the UFC is finally back, this time on the much-beloved FUEL TV and from the island of Macau. This event has some different names, including UFC on Fuel TV: Franklin vs Le, UFC on Fuel TV 6, UFC Macao, and UFC Macau. We will see soon enough which one rings more true.

This also marks the sixth event overall out of a total of ten in our beloved Civil War competition, making it the next-to-last event of our regular season before moving into the play-offs after UFC 154 next week. That event will take place with the #1/#4 and #2/#3 teams from each division playing each other, contrary to last season where #1 played #2 and #3 played #4. This was something all the captains agreed on before this season, according to Zater anyway.

Another note specifically for captains is that you will not be able to replace any players after the next event (UFC 154), so if you have any non-pickers that you need to get rid of, only one week left. No exceptions, you are all stuck with the same team for the remainder of the season after UFC 154.

Here is the fight card. As of right now the FB prelims are slated to start 07:40 AM ET, and the main card on Fuel 9 AM ET, but I wouldn't be surprised if the FB stream gets pushed back a little bit.

Middleweight United States Rich Franklin vs. South Vietnam Cung Le
Light Heavyweight Brazil Thiago Silva vs. Bulgaria Stanislav Nedkov
Welterweight South Korea Dong Hyun Kim vs. Brazil Paulo Thiago
Lightweight Japan Takanori Gomi vs. United States Mac Danzig
Lightweight China Tiequan Zhang vs. Guam Jon Tuck
Bantamweight Japan Takeya Mizugaki vs. United States Jeff Hougland
Preliminary Card (Facebook)
Bantamweight United States Alex Caceres vs. Japan Motonobu Tezuka
Flyweight Japan Yasuhiro Urushitani vs. Brazil John Lineker
Middleweight Japan Riki Fukuda vs. United States Tom DeBlass

Today's Schedule

Sexysassy Division

Horselover Fat's Fucked For Free (1-4) vs. kreally's SO BILL NAI (3-2)

lanky6's The Good, The Bad, and The Dolloway (3-2) vs. 19Miles' Full Etim (3-2)

Intellegence Division

POW's Cock Guys (4-1) vs. sklart's discoandherpes' The Dogcunt Herpes (2-3)

benten20's Buttertooth Brits (3-2) vs. Sweet Scientist's Unadulterated Espousers of Hate (1-4)

Ketchup Division

Violent Newt's Wrong Pick Hospital, Right Pick Necessary (4-1) vs. Tim Bernier's The Team That Wars (0-5)

PFP's Antonio Rodrigo Nohomos (3-2) vs. wonderfulspam's BECWandDietPepsi (3-2)

Division Standings/Playoff Picture



That's it. EDIT: Link to the livescoring spreadsheet: CLICK HERE.. Now who wants a mustache ride a nice cup of coffee?



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