BECW4: Important Information for Newcomers, UFC on FX: Browne vs. Bigfoot Discussion



Before jumping into tonight's card, this is a good chance for people who have seen the Bloody Elbow Civil War mentioned here but have no idea what it is to learn more about it. If you enjoy predicting winners for upcoming MMA fights, this may be your thing. MMA Playground already has the core foundation for our competition, and you can sign up for free. For each fight on a UFC card, you choose the winner of the fight, the method of victory, and the round you think it will be won in, and each are given a point value. There are also other variables that will determine a score like underdog bonuses when less than 20% of Playground is picking said fighter, and one hot bout per card that is worth double points and determined by which fight the community is most divided on.

Anyways, Nick Thomas and Earl Montclair ran a "fight camp" (MMAPlayground group of users) of BE community members and would post the top performers on the site after each event. Eventually interest dropped, but user John Danaher's Hair was inspired to start a team-based competition using the same scoring. In just 4 short seasons, it has evolved into an elaborate, yet incredibly entertaining competition that really helps to tie the community together.

Before I go into the specifics of the game and overwhelm some of you, I encourage you to at the very minimum, create a MMA Playground account and just check it out some. You can even win prizes through their site periodically by posting a top score. And no, I don't work for them.

There are currently 12 teams of 10 people, with 4 teams to a division. 12 people volunteered to become captains, and the remaining 108 were drafted back in August by them. Each team goes head-to-head with one of their division rivals for the first 6 events, so they play each of them twice. Whichever team has more points at the end of the event gets a win, the other team a loss, and they are ranked in their division accordingly afterwards. Week 7's not really important, don't worry about that right now.

After the 7th event, the top 2 teams from each of the 3 divisions will advance to the playoffs. 2 more wildcard spots are open for the 6 remaining teams based on overall points rather than W/L records. The 4 that are not playoff eligible do a consolation round robin pity-party while the #1-#8 seeds play in a double elimination tournament.

All that is required of someone who enters the competition is to make their picks on time for each event, which should only take 5-10 minutes or so unless you're tedious about researching fighters. E-mail exchanges are also encouraged though, so that teams can discuss picks prior to events. While this may seem quite professional with the amount of effort you'll notice that has been put into this, we're still pretty amateurish when it comes to actually picking fights correctly, so you shouldn't feel like you're not good enough to compete. The competition is for anyone and everyone who can just put forth a little responsibility to show they can be trusted to get picks in.

Currently, UFC on FX 6 which is 2 months from now is scheduled as the final event of the season. But in the meantime, if you're interested in joining season five, or even if you're on the fence about it, you can test out the water by joining the prospect camp after signing up for MMA Playground and making your picks for the events in the meantime to get a feel of how it works, and the best strategies for you. Nothing to lose. Also, if you do this and continue to make picks for the rest of the events of this season, you'll be guaranteed a spot in season 5 if you'd like. It's a way we can be ensured you won't randomly flake out and stop making picks and screw your team over.

Almost everyone who has participated in the competition has raved about how much more interesting it makes a card top-to-bottom. It makes fights you normally wouldn't care about intense, and gets the community to interact with each other a lot more, and the community has always been one of the best features of this site.

Also, if you have any questions about anything BECW-related, we'll be more than happy to explain anything, as I've just kind of glossed over the basics. Feel free to contact wonderfulspam, Horselover Fat, or me; our emails are all listed on our SBNation profile pages.


Now then. Week 4 is upon us, bitches. Normally I'd hype up the event to get you all excited, but I can't even lie about this one. A lot of fights have the potential to be snooze-fests. Exhibit A: Aaron Simpson versus Mike Pierce. Also, Justin Edwards fights one of the most [expletives redacted] fighters in the UFC. But there is a few interesting things we can take from the event. Will Ellenberger have a better gas tank? Will Thug-Jitsu reign supreme? Which Browne shows up, the boring guy who wins, or the exciting guy who wins? Plus, mutherfukin flyweights. That's the fight I'm most concerned with. Here is the full card:

Main Card (FX)
Heavyweight Travis Browne vs. Antonio Silva
Welterweight Jake Ellenberger vs. Jay Hieron
Flyweight John Dodson vs. Jussier Formiga
Welterweight Josh Neer vs. Justin Edwards
Preliminary Card (Fuel TV)
Lightweight Jeremy Stephens vs. Yves Edwards
Lightweight Michael Johnson vs. Danny Castillo
Lightweight Jacob Volkmann vs. Shane Roller
Featherweight Bart Palaszewski vs. Diego Nunes
Flyweight Darren Uyenoyama vs. Phil Harris
Lightweight Marcus LeVesseur vs. Carlo Prater
Preliminary Card (Facebook) Now on Fuel TV
Welterweight Aaron Simpson vs. Mike Pierce

Tonight's Schedule

Sexysassy Division

kreally's SO BILL NAI (2-1) vs. lanky6's The Good, The Bad, and the Dollaway (1-2)

19miles' Full Etim (3-0) vs. Horselover Fat's Fucked For Free (0-3)

Intellegence Division

POW's Cock Guys (3-0) vs. benten20's Buttertooth Brits (2-1)

Sweet Scientist's Unadulterated Espousers of Hate (1-2) vs. sklart's The Dogcunt Sklarts (0-3)

Ketchup Division

Violent Newt's Wrong Pick Hospital, Right Pick Necessary (3-0) vs. PFP's Antonio Rodrigo Nohomos (1-2)

wonderfulspam's Team BECWandDietPepsi (2-1) vs. Tim Bernier's The Team That Wars (0-3)

(Here is the album of Xmas tree tables from last week if you want to scout tonight's opponents)

Division Standings/Playoff Picture Prior To Week 4



Playground isn't locking out for a few more minutes and the Facebook fight is in about a half-hour or so, so you'll have to check the comments on what's going on with the live spreadsheet for now. I also still have no idea how to insert polls on fanposts, but if I could, I'd ask "Will any of the 3 winless teams gain a victory tonight?"

Now then, as always...


\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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