Stephan Bonnar on Anderson Silva: 'I'm just going to give him hell'

Mark J. Rebilas / US Presswire

Stephan Bonnar doesn't appear to have a complex gameplan for Anderson Silva, instead appearing ready to get by on guts and a whole lot of effort.

Stephan Bonnar will enter the Octagon next Saturday as a massive underdog to the greatest fighter the sport of mixed martial arts has seen. While Bonnar will have a considerable size advantage, Anderson Silva has gone up to light heavyweight twice before in the UFC, quickly knocking out James Irvin and humiliating Forrest Griffin.

UFC president Dana White recently told ESPN that Bonnar will be so much bigger than Silva that "it's going to be crazy" and stressed that this is a dangerous and much different fight for Silva.

Bonnar, for his part, seems to think that everything is simply falling into place, presenting him with the opportunity to do something truly amazing.

When speaking to a group of media on Wednesday, Bonnar said "There’s a lot of weird superstitions, there like 5 Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in October that happens once every 139 years...A lot of strange s**t is happening. Kid coming, and stars aligning, and 13 and five Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays, getting called out of retirement to fight the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world in his backyard and being such an underdog, it’s all so perfect. I really believe it’s part of the plan."

Later Bonnar would add "This is like the culmination of it all. I really think it’s all meant to be, it’s perfect it really is. It feels like all the stars are aligning just like it did on that magical night for the UFC back when I fought Forrest for the first time. I could shock the world."

For Bonnar's part, he's not stupid about why he is a major underdog, but knows that his chances are rooted more in his guts, heart and chin than in being the better fighter, saying "I mean look at every fight I've ever had, always had, I've been hit with lots of big shots, but I get up and keep coming."

In a complex game against the best fighter in the world, Stephan seems to have taken the admirable stance of just going all out and giving it the best effort he can.

"I'm not to fixed on the outcome so much. I'm just going to give him hell and give him everything I've got in there and do my absolute best. And we'll see, that can lead to a victory,"

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