Sean Sherk still wants to fight in the UFC, thinks he's still a top lightweight

Al Bello

Former UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk has not fought since 2010. Injuries have slowed down his career significantly, but that hasn't stopped The Muscle Shark from wanting to fight again.

We haven't heard too much about former UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk, probably because he's seemingly never healthy thus unavailable to fight. Sherk talked to MMA Weekly about how he's been and why he's been out of the limelight:

"I’ve just been injured. I’ve got some injuries that need surgery, and I really don’t want to have surgery. I’ve had surgery several times in the past, and the whole recovery process, I don’t like it. I don’t like the down time, the three to four months of getting back to 100-percent; I don’t like that. I’m trying to get myself healthy without having any kind of surgery," Sherk said in a recent interview with MMAWeekly Radio.

Sherk last fought in September 2010 at UFC 119 against Evan Dunham (as you see in the picture above), winning a highly controversial split decision but uncontroversially earning Fight of the Night honors. Since B.J. Penn soundly defeated him at UFC 84, Sherk has fought just three times, winning against Tyson Griffin and the aforementioned Dunham, and losing to Frankie Edgar.

As far as his health goes, Sherk had this to say:

"I mean I feel pretty good. I’d say I’m probably 85-percent, which is pretty good, considering."

The 39-year-old has only lost twice at lightweight and twice at welterweight, but lightweight has been his home for much of his career since the UFC reinstated the division, and despite his inactivity and age, he still believes he's a top 155er.

"I still think I’m a top lightweight even though I haven’t fought in two years. I think you can throw me in there against the No. 1 guy, and I’m going to give that dude hell, if not beat him. I don’t think anyone in the weight class is going to walk through me or look at me as being an easy fight. I’ve been beaten four times in 11 years, and I think that speaks for itself," said Sherk.

If Sherk does fight again it'll be interesting to see if he does get a top lightweight, a gatekeeper like Jacob Volkmann or a prospect like Paul Sass or Michael Johnson.

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