Women's MMA Top 15 Pound-for-Pound Rankings

Assembled from a handful of credible journalists and sources all from inside... the mind of IgaveDenverColorodo. I didn't just look at some rankings and change the order. I started from scratch ranked the fighters, re-ranked. Re-ranked some more. And self-debated. And this is what i got. Thought I would share

Disclaimer... no one reads this, but. Fighters, who have no fought in the last 15 months or are busted for Performance Enhancing Drugs (think Josh Barnett, Cris Cyborg Santos) will not be ranked, unless I say otherwise. I don't care if someone won with a decision I don't agree with. That will not count as a victory in my eyes and shouldn't in yours.


#1 Ronda Rousey Bantamweight (135) - Strikeforce

Last fight: Armbar over Sarah Kaufman

Analysis: 9 fights (6 pro, 3 amateur). 9 Armbars. All in less than a minute, except for Miesha Tate. And With Cris Cyborg testing positive for PEDs, Ronda's dominance in two weight classes (145 and 135) makes her without a doubt the number 1 female fighter in the world.

#2 Megumi Fujii Strawweight (115) - Bellator/Various Japanese promotions

Last fight: Unanimous decision lost to Jessica Aguilar

Analysis: Many rankings have Fujii below Aguilar, however, I firmly believe Megumi won their fight, taking the 1st and 3rd rounds. Unofficially undefeated at 115 (Zoila Gurgel took a split decision, but can no longer make 115), if the retirement talks are true, she will most likely retire as the greatest WMMA and Strawweight fighter.

#3 Jessica Penne Atomweight (105) - Invicta

Last fight: Triangle Choke over Naho Sugiyama

Analysis: Jessica has complained about not getting consistent fights, ever since Invicta's rise and inclusion of the Atomweight division she has dominated Naho Sugiyama and TKO'd Lisa Ellis.

#4 Jessica Aguilar Strawweight - Bellator

Last fight: Unanimous decision over Megumi Fujii

Analysis: Stuck in Bellator female purgatory, Jessica is the outright number 2 strawweight in the world. Only a rematch with Megumi would propel her higher in the rankings. A move to Invicta would also help.

#5 Miesha Tate Bantamweight - Strikeforce

Last fight: Armbar over Julie Kedzie

Analysis: Gave Ronda her toughest fight, submitted Marloes Coenen and an amazing comeback Armbar against Julie Kedzie. She's taking some time away from the sport. Look for her to return sometime in 2013. Definitely my number 2 Bantamweight in the world.

#6 Marloes Coenen Featherweight (145) - Invicta

Last fight: Unanimous decision over Romy Russyen

Analysis: Coenen gave a very careful 30-26 decision win over Russyen. It is her two wins over Sarah Kaufman and Liz Carmouche at 135, that have her this up in the rankings. Hopefully, she gets on the rumored Invicta 4 card in January.

#7 Sarah Kaufman Bantamweight - Strikeforce/Invicta

Last fight: Armbar lost to Ronda Rousey

Analysis: Recent win over Alexis Davis and Liz Carmouche, and wins back in 2009 over Miesha Tate and Shayna Baszler get her here. However, the Bantamweight scene has changed quite a bit, Kaufman needs to rematch these ladies and fight new ones to keep her ranking. Was scheduled to fight Kaitlin Young at Invicta 3, but had to pull out due to injury.

#8 Sheila Gaff Flyweight (125) - Cage Warriors

Last fight: Knockout (punches) over Jennifer Maia

Analysis: Gaff is here after 3 quick, but very vicious knock outs since her drop to 125. Seems like a lot of flyweights are making their name off of Aisling Daly these days. Gaff destroying her like no one else.

#9 Zoila Gurgel (formerly Frausto) Flyweight - Bellator

Last fight: Unanimous decision over Casey Noland

Analysis: The woman that took Bellator's Strawweight division hostage. Took a decision over Aguilar, which was almost Leonard Garcia over Nam Phan 1 absurd. But you can't deny the devastating Muay Thai knee knock out over Rosi Sexton, which was contested at 121 pounds. Zoila needs to fight more often, though with the 125 division getting deeper and deeper.

#10 Rosi Sexton Flyweight - Cage Warriors

Last fight: Unanimous decision over Aisling Daly

Analysis: Only one defeat against a woman around her size (Zoila Gurgel). Sexton has not been able to develop a striking game to add to her fantastic ground game. If she decides to not retire and fight Sheila Gaff at a later date, this will clear up the 125 division.

#11 Alexis Davis Bantamweight - Invicta/Strikeforce

Last fight: Rear Naked Choke over Hitomi Akano

Analysis: An eye-opening TKO over Amanda Nunes, giving Kaufman all she could handle in an absolute WAR and dismantling of Japanese veteran Hitomi Akano (Davis being the first to submit her in MMA) are all valid reasons for Davis' place in a stacked division.

#12 Lisa Ellis (formerly Ward) Atomweight - Invicta

Last fight: Armbar over Amy Davis

Analysis: Some maybe scratching their heads over this choice. Allow me to explain. Lisa Ellis is probably one of the most overlooked fighters in WMMA history. Fights with the greatest Atomweight fighter Miku Supernova, Aisling Daly (beating her before it was cool), #1 Atomweight Jessica Penne + an early victory against Jessica Aguilar are a few examples. Her only defeats at 105 are to Penne and Miku. I liken her to a less naturally-gifted BJ Penn. Fighting when it wasn't popular. Fighting where the money was even if it meant moving up a weight class. Basically, based on what's she done and the fight she gave Jessica Penne she deserves to be here and to be recognized as the NUMBER 2 Atomweight fighter in the world, at least until Naho Sugiyama or Kikuyo Ishikawa proves they can compete with tougher competition.

#13 Shayna Baszler Bantamweight - Invicta

Last fight: Rear Naked Choke over Sarah D'Aleilo

Analysis: The Josh Barnett Catch-as-Catch Can trained Shayna Baszler, who in my opinion, took a clear decision over McMann. Her destruction of Sarah D'aleilo (those STOMPS TO THE ACHILLES AREA DAMN!) just made it more clear that she's a force and is yet another example of the super deep 135. Reminds me a lot of the UFC Light Heavyweight division. Where the champion is so dominant(Jones/Rousey) and after it's a bunch of former champs or well-known fighters, who are pretty equal (Shogun, Rashad, Rampage, Machida, Alexis Davis, Baszler, Miesha, Kaufman) and have fought/ will fight each other. Might as well throw guys like Gustaffson, Glover and girls like McMann, Nunes in there too.

#14 Sara McMann Bantamweight - Invicta/Strikeforce

Last fight: Rear Naked Choke over Raquel Pa'aluhi

Analysis: The 6th bantamweight (7 if you count Coenen) on this list. I thought it was pretty clear she did not beat Baszler, but her dominance in all her other fights is impressive.

#15 a & b Ayaka Hamasaki & Carla Esparza Flyweights - Invicta

Last fight: Armbar over Lacey Schuckman, TKO (punches) over Lynn Alvarez

Analysis: Most rankings probably have Hamasaki over Esparza because of her undefeated record. And unlike a lot of Japanese fighters, she seems to have fought pretty decent competition over in Japan and proved herself against an experienced Lacey Schukman. Esparza on the other hand, is being slightly overlooked. The way she destroyed Sarah Schneider and Lynn Alvarez, I can understand the cries of mismatch. However, on paper those were fairly even matches even if they didn't appear to be. Alvarez was 5-2 (only losing to Aguilar and Fujii), and Schneider only lost once at 115 to Megumi. It will be very interesting to see them fight if the rumor of a 115 belt happening at Invicta 4 is true.

Honorable Mentions: Naho Sugiyama, Joanne Calderwood, Amanda Nunes, Julia Budd, Vanessa Porto, Barb Honchak, Cat Zingano, Rin Nakai, Michelle Waterson, Stephanie Frausto

Ineligible: Cristiane Cyborg Santos (PED suspension)

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