Bellator 78: live video stream, play by play and discussion

Catch the video stream for tonight's entire Bellator 78 event whilst sharing commentary with the beloved BE fight community.

As has become our weekly ritual, Bloody Elbow will host a live video stream of the main card and preliminary lineup for tonight's Bellator 78 event. The main card begins at 8:00 p.m. ET and is capped off by the semifinals of the Welterweight Tournament, which pit inaugural Bellator welterweight champion Lyman Good vs. Michail Tsarev and Lithuanian bomber Marius Zaromskis vs. surging Russian prospect Andrey Koreshkov.

Rounding out the main card is the return of middleweight banger Brian Rogers, who takes on Dominique Steele, and top featherweight contender Daniel Straus vs. former UFCer Alvin Robinson. On the undercard, which begins at 6:00 p.m. ET, the women's 115-pound champion, Zoila Gurgel, draws the untested Casey Noland in one of six matches.

Bellator 78 Fight Card

Main Card on MTV2 (8:00 p.m. ET)
Welterweight Tournament Semifinals
Lyman Good vs. Michail Tsarev
Andrey Koreshkov vs. Marius Zaromskis

Brian Rogers vs. Dominique Steel
Daniel Straus vs. Alvin Robinson

Preliminary Card
Zoila Gurgel vs. Casey Noland
Jake Nauracy vs. Justin McNally
Rocky Edwards vs. Rob Hanna
Jared Combs vs. Mikkel Parlo
Billy Horne vs. Trey Houston
Shaun Asher vs. Jason Butcher

And we are soooo live. Find the earlier results from Bellator 78 below in reverse chronological order.

Lyman Good vs. Michail Tsarev

R1: Good flies out of his corner, wings a 1-2 and follows behind the combo with a double leg takedown. Good moves immediately to side control while Tsarev locks down his posture. Good lands a series of knees to the body from side control. Tsarev shrimps out and regains full guard amidst short right hands from Good. Tsarev forced to defend constantly as Good amps up his output and power with right hands every time he doesn't.

Good powers into half guard with a knee-pin pass and proceeds to mash right hooks into Tsarev's ribs. Good in high half guard with a monstrous base to prevent any escapes or activity from Tsarev. Full mount now for Good though he's warned twice for grabbing the cage and Tsarev explodes out. Good stays on him, defends a loose triangle attempt and ends the round flinging down more right hands. 10-9 Good for more effective striking and grappling.

R2: Good fakes a takedown and sails a right hand over the top, then decides to stay at range to start the 2nd. Koreshkov enjoys the freedom of moving by his own accord and wheels out 3 roundhouse kicks that Good blocks. Tsarev lands a nice left hook and right straight combo but has head snapped back by Good's double jab. Good blocks another high, sweeping roundhouse kick and secures a takedown with Tsarev crammed against the fence.

Good gets side control again and goes to work with ground and pound. Tsarev boots Good away, who allows him to stand. They collide with punches and Tsarev disengages while motioning that he was poked in the eye. The ref has a moment of indecision and looks like he's about to intervene, but Good capitalizes on the awkward pause with a hard right hand, a knee to the body, an uppercut and a flurry of punches that finishes the Russian off.

  • Lyman Good defeats Michail Tsarev by TKO (punches), Round 2.

That's all folks. Stay tuned for the Bellator 78 results post complete with animated gifs.

Bellator Livestream
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Andrey Koreshkov vs. Marius Zaromskis

R1: Koreshkov comes out swinging and puts Zaromskis on his heels with punches. Koreshkov pawing a long jab while sighting in a blistering straight right. Koreshkov unreels a spinning back kick but Zaromskis broadsides him halfway around with a takedown. Koreshkov is quickly back to his feet. Zaromskis having some trouble finding his range with the southpaw's massive reach advantage.

Out of nowhere, Koreshkov crunches Zaromskis with a nasty left hook. Zaromskis is laid out on his back and the referee allows exactly 11 unhindered jackhammers before waving it off. Commentator Jimmy Smith has a fit and deems the referees' performance "shameful" and, unfortunately, Smith is entirely justified in his criticism.

  • Andrey Koreshkov defeats Marius Zaromskis by TKO (punches), Round 1.

Daniel Straus vs. Alvin Robinson

R1: Straus wastes no time in burying Robinson with a power double. Robinson counters with a guillotine attempt while sitting up against the fence -- it's enough of a distraction to enable him to stand back up, but Straus is slick in slipping behind him for the rear waist cinch and then dragging Robinson back down. Robinson is right back up but this time Straus counters with a far-side kimura, which he rolls into for a takedown. Robinson squirts free and moves to take Straus' back standing. Straus drops to his knees and Robinson has his back in the side turtle position.

Straus peels him off with 2-on-1 wrist control, spins to face Robinson and takes him down with a head and arm throw and lands right into side control with a series of short forearms to the face. Straus goes knee on belly and threatens to take full mount while showering more elbows. Straus baits Robinson with an Americana but then releases his grip to land undefended elbows. Robinson shrimps out as Straus goes for full mount but Straus wraps his neck up in a guillotine attempt to close a fast-paced round. 10-9 Straus, but it was a close one.

R2: Right low kick, left head kick and push kick combo from Straus, followed by a power double that he lands. Robinson leans over and gets the kimura grip but Straus has strong posture with Robinson's head on the fence. Straus pings a few lefts to the body to discourage the hold and Robinson takes a knee, then two and powers his way to his feet. Countering with a stifling front headlock, Straus spins with Robinson's escape, maintains pressure on the cage and then hits another double.

Chopping elbows from Straus back in side control. Another volley of heated punches and elbows causes Robinson to give his back; he stands but Straus heaves him over with a belly to back suplex and immediately locks in a rear-naked choke. Robinson is patient and turns into the choke before hand-fighting to loosen Straus' grip. Straus is relentless and alternates between short right hooks to the head and slipping in the choke when Robinson defends. He continues the reactive strategy until Robinson is late to defend the choke and forced to tap.

  • Daniel Straus defeats Alvin Robinson by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 2

Brian Rogers vs. Dominique Steel

R1: The bell sounds and the two orthodox fighters meet in the center. Rogers might have dazed Steel in their first mutual exchange and turns it on with a few big heaters and a short horizontal elbow while Steel's back on the fence. Rogers attacking with explosive 1-2-3's, then jacks Steel with a long straight right. Rogers looking extra crisp and compact with his punches. Steel is steered back by another Rogers flurry, then blocks a massive high kick from Rogers while circling out to his left. Rogers counters a pair of Steel low kicks with a pair of right counters.

Steel connects on a 1-2 but eats another straight right when he tries to follow with another. Steel sets up a level drop with strikes but Rogers brushes it off easily. Now Rogers connects with that short horizontal elbow when they tie up after an exchange. 10-9 Rogers for the higher volume of effective strikes.

R2: Steel noticeably more hesitant to start the 2nd. Rogers still holding his ground and slicing tight right hand counter shots. Rogers clips another 1-2, adds a knee when they clinch up and an another elbow over the top when they break. Steel is seeking out Rogers' hips to close his combinations but Rogers has none of it and slams another knee to the midsection before circling back into open space.

Cracking low roundhouse kick by Rogers. Steel takes flight for a jumping knee but Rogers sidesteps it. Rogers kicks Steel in the cup accidentally but the ref tells them to fight on. Rogers closes the round with a superman punch and knee to the body. 10-9 Rogers again.

R3: Steel tries to jab to the body then glances with a left hand. Steel catches one of Rogers' kicks but can't convert it into a takedown; phenomenal balance displayed by Rogers to stay afoot. Rogers is now telegraphing his right circling and Steel adjusts with a few lunging left hooks. Then Steel is walloped by more right hands from Rogers in return. Rogers pounces and blitzes Steel with a charging flurry that ejects Steel's mouthpiece.

Steel recovers well despite blood streaming his mouth and nose and they reset. Steel lands a nice shot and then presses with a 1-2, showing admirable courage and heart. Another combination from Steel lands but nowhere near as thunderous as those of Rogers. Steel shrinks the gap amidst a smattering of wild punches, pushes Rogers on the fence and sneaks in a tight-range elbow to finish strong. Were Steel not on rubber legs from the early combination, he might have tied up the round. 10-9 Rogers for causing visible damage with strikes. (30-27 Rogers on my card.)

  • Brian Rogers defeats Dominique Steel by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)
  • Zoila Gurgel defeats Casey Noland by unanimous decision
  • Jason Butcher defeats Shaun Asher by submission (guillotine choke), Round 1
  • Billy Horne defeats Trey Houston by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1
  • Justin McNally defeats Dave Blattman by submission (triangle choke), Round 1
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