UFC Ultimate Fighter week 6 results: Questionable judging gives Team Nelson the win

Results from this week's episode of UFC The Ultimate Fighter, as Team Nelson looks to come back from their 3-1 deficit to Team Carwin.

Oh, TUF. I try, honestly I do. Every week I try to not only watch, but also write up a recap, research the fighters who have won... in short, be an invested viewer. But it's not easy. This season has really tested my patience.

Maybe it's the tired formula. Maybe it's the amateur-ish fights. Maybe it's that Bellator is on TV that same night, turning in a much higher quality of fight on a consistent basis. Maybe it's that there's no one I'm really rooting for this year (well, I do love Mike Ricci). Maybe it's that Roy Nelson seems like a tool, while Shane Carwin seems like a blank slate. Maybe it's that the frat-boy shenanigans (blissfully absent last season) have come back in full force this year. Maybe it's that one of the major storylines right now is built around guys "throwing" their farts at each other (seriously). Maybe it's that I just can't be bothered to care about this thing anymore.

Of course, the real trouble for the UFC and The Ultimate Fighter is that it's not any one of those things - it's all of them. All of these factors make the show a drag, and their disastrous ratings show I'm not alone in thinking that way. It would be nice if it was just one or two of these issues, because one or two you can fix with relative ease. But all together? That's a much harder task, and simply throwing Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen in there isn't going to do it.

That said, Team Jones vs. Team Sonnen can't possibly be worse than this season? Right? Please?

On to this week's results and where we now find ourselves in the season:

Week 6 results: Team Nelson #4 pick Colton Smith def. Team Carwin #6 pick Eddy Ellis via majority decision
Team Carwin leads the competition 3-2

General consensus on the fight is that there was some weird judging going on here and the fight should have gone to a third round. Of course, the exact same thing was said last week, though in that case it was Team Carwin and Igor Aruajo benefiting from shoddy judging, so what goes around comes around I guess.

Here's a recap of who has made it to the quarter-final round so far:

Team Carwin: #2 Bristol Marunde, #4 Neil Magny, #7 Igor Araujo
Team Nelson: #4 Colton Smith, #7 Joey Rivera

Of these five, Marunde is the only one who has looked particularly good, though I do think Magny has a promising future down the road. With three fights left in this round there are still some intriguing names on the sidelines including Mike Ricci and Team Nelson #1 draw Dom Waters. Oh, and Matt Secor. Joy.

As for the rest of the show - I wasn't joking when I said one of the current big stories is largely about farting on each other. And hey, that's also featured prominently in the preview for next week's episode. Get excited folks!

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