Jacob Volkmann talks "fat turds" who think he's boring, Jon Jones and UFC 151 cancellation

Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

UFC lightweight Jacob Volkmann is not too pleased with people who find his fights boring, nor is he happy with Jon Jones for the cancellation of UFC 151.

UFC lightweight Jacob Volkmann is nobody's favorite fighter. Actually, that's probably not true. I mean, Rene Gonzales was my favorite baseball player for a few years as a kid. My uncle had played minor league ball with him and he used to give us free tickets to games whenever the Orioles (and then Angels, and then Rangers) rolled into town. I also was led to believe he was better than he was when one year the RBI Baseball video game had him batting clean-up for the Angels, this despite retiring with a total of 19 career home runs. He also had a weird record for having the highest jersey number on the teams he'd played for, wearing number 88, which I thought was cool for whatever reason.

So yeah, there's probably some weird kid out there who thinks Volkmann is just tops.

But he has been tagged with the dreaded "boring" label for his takedown and grappling based fighting style. In his eight UFC fights, he has gone to the scorecard six times. The two times a fight was finished, he was on the bad end of a submission.

But, if you share the collective opinion that he just doesn't bring excitement to the cage, Jacob would like you to know that you're a fat turd that doesn't understand anything (Via The Score):

"I don't understand why people say my fights are boring. It's just a different style. People don't understand the technical style and then other people don't like my fights and write on the Internet and it really frustrates me. People that understand fighting, that understand there's technique behind what I'm doing, they're the ones who think the fights are exciting.

"You know there's some fat turds out there having his heyday because he has a forum and wants to write some bad stuff about me, but he doesn't understand the sport. I really don't care about those guys."

Of course, the "I'm not boring, you're just stupid" excuse is nothing new. But it also fails to hit the mark of why people watch fighting. Sure, some deeply appreciate the technique, and you shouldn't say that two guys in a bar throwing haymakers is the same type of entertainment as a professional MMA bout, but people want to be entertained.

If the Avengers had been 120 minutes of brilliant, deep dialogue, beautiful cinematography and a wonderfully composed minimalist piano score, but with no action, no one would say "look, this isn't boring, it's a technical masterpiece!" They'd say "hey, I came for an action movie. Where's the damn action?"

Being boring isn't going to stop Volkmann from getting a win, which is the most important thing in a sport. But you can't blame other people for finding you boring just because it hurts your feelings.

Jacob also talked a little about being upset with Jon Jones for the UFC 151 cancellation:

"I still plan on pickpocketing him and taking the money I lost on my fight," Volkmann said of Jones.

Volkmann said that the cancelled event cost him a lot of money, and as the father of three children who went back to school this past month, not getting his show money when he thought he was going to get it has hurt him financially.

Not to mention the fact he spent a lot of money on plane tickets to Las Vegas for his cornermen.

"The irritating part is that I spent money on plane tickets. I bought two corner's plane tickets, and now I had to do another month of training for this fight,"

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