Jones vs. Sonnen my thoughts...

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I started to write a full fan post regarding this situation, but in the end I've just broke this down to all the thoughts that have been going through my head over the last few days. Some of these have already ended up in comments of articles, or on twitter... but here they are all together.

- The conspiracy theory was that Hendo tipped off Sonnen about the injury early so he could start training, and then waited two weeks so that the situation could be manipulated to see his former teammate and friend, Sonnen get the title shot at UFC 151. Is this just another way for Dana to shove that move back in Hendo's face.

- I could understand this move if there were no other fights for Jones... Let me list all fighters I'd rather see Jones fight Hendo, Machida, Anderson Silva, Cormier, Gus/Shogun winner, Big Nog, Lil Nog (at least he won a fight at LHW in the last 6 years), then Sonnen.

- The last time Sonnen won a fight at LHW... Jon Jones wasn't even an MMA fighter.

- Jon said that the fans wanted to see this... what fans wanted to see this? I feel like UFC has somehow manufactured a feeling inside their organization that people actually wanted to see this fight.

- How bad does Dana hate Tito Ortiz, and want him out of the record book... he is letting Jones tie Tito's LHW title defense record with consecutive wins over Middleweights.

- Jon Jones is going to beat more Middleweights over a 12 month span than Anderson Silva.

- I can't shake the feeling that this is a Bellator "Superfight" ... a Champion fighting a completely undeserving challenger... at least in Bellator they are non-title fights.

- Chris Weidman is getting shafted. He also stepped up on 8 days notice, against a top 10 fighter to help a big card. The difference was that Weidman had a lot more to lose by stepping up for that fight. Sonnen was coming off a loss at MW, and getting a title shot was a complete gift. Weidman was a rising prospect, and taking a fight he was unprepared for could have set his career back. Weidman had to cut 33 pounds for that fight... something Sonnen would not have had to do to make the LHW limit. Weidman also called UFC and offered to fight at UFC 151 when everything started to collapse. Yet, all we have heard about recently from UFC officials is how much they want to see Anderson Silva fight Jon Jones, or GSP... how about a little love for Weidman from Zuffa.

- Along those same lines... how funny would it be if after Weidman wins his next fight he pulled out the "Anderson Silva, you suck" speech and then said "hey, I hear this is what you have to do to get a title shot in the UFC... and I'm not going to do steroids like Overeem"

- The Hendricks/Kampmann winner, should be very concerned about Nick Diaz jumping them in line for a title shot.

- I think Dana has put it out there that fighters can control their own destiny as much with actions outside of the cage, as with anything they do inside of it. Start calling guys out after fights, during Press Conferences, on Twitter, and any chance you can get. The next fighter who says the phrase "I'll just fight whoever UFC asks me to fight" is a complete moron.

- There is part of me that feels like I asked for this by writing my Roger Goodell/Dana White fan post from a few weeks ago. Dana is going for the news making fight, over doing the right thing. But if that is really what is happening... then Strikeforce should die, and be the story of next week.

- I half expect Ronda Rousey to get the next shot at Jon Jones after Sonnen... who else talks a better game than she does, and we all know that Jones is vulnerable to arm bars.

- Is there any way this fight ends up on FOX? The hardcore fan base, and media is very unhappy over this fight, and that isn't going help break PPV sales records or save TUF. Last year the UFC on FOX show was on May 5th... so this is only a week before... I doubt this, just a thought. Plus there are already big Boxing matches being rumored for Cinco de Mayo weekend next year, so UFC might want to keep its FOX card off of that date.

- James Te Huna was on Twitter asking to takes Chael's spot against Forrest... How has that fight not been made yet?

- At least I was right when I said that UFC was going to try and put Jones on the Super Bowl show, but he won't be ready by then. All the other big draws will probably not be available for that show Anderson, JDS, GSP, Shogun, Bendo, and Sonnen are all going to be tied up or just coming off a fight. I expect the Hendo/Machida fight, and Rashad Evans to end up on this card.

- I still feel that the only way TUF becomes watchable again is if UFC puts top level talent on the show. Even then, it will take a few years, because we have all be conditions to view the competitors as guys who have a pretty low ceiling.

- This whole situation has left me frustrated, and with an empty feeling inside. There is nothing worse than seeing something that is just wrong, and not being able to do anything about it. The only vote that I really get is with my time and money. I will not watch TUF 17, and unless this card is STACKED I will not buy this PPV... this main event is not worth my money.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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