Conspiracies Abound: The Story Behind UFC 153

Last night I started a joke, no really; I was joking about the whole "fixed fight" thing. Or so I thought, perhaps it's no more out of bounds to question the legitimacy behind Anderson Silva's win over Stephan Bonnar than his win over Forrest Griffin. So many fans of the UFC felt threatened by this very idea of their beloved sport an active hotbed for on the take circumstances where fighters dive and fights are predetermined.

The idea of the UFC from a marketing standpoint was that it was different, it's not boxing. Boxing was the old guard sport riddled with shady characters and fixed outcomes to fights. In boxing, fixed fights and bias scorecards are like old age and taxes, a natural part of the sport.

But the UFC was supposed to be different because it was a new age form of fighting for the new era of fan. Younger, more excitement driven fan base, a polar opposite of the older more cynical make up of most boxing enthusiasts.

Even though my comments about last night's main event were tongue in cheek, to some extent I had to step back and truly consider the possibility of the UFC being just another cog in the fight game machine. Where in fact, there's not much daylight in terms of the back room dealing and slick slight of hand between mma's biggest promotion and boxing. I understand the knee jerk reaction to condemn my statements, most fans don't want to accept this potential revelation because the very root of the word "fan" is "fanatic". Fans love the things they're fans of, they put loyalty above their reason in some cases because they often don't want to consider the negative elements of what they consider to be a fan of.

When someone's idol is proven to be the opposite of how they portray themselves, it's a very devastating thing to deal with for that fan. We see it all the time in sports and in Hollywood. People aren't perfect, unfortunately in our ever eroding culture where people feel increasingly unworthy and lack confidence in themselves, they often form false narrative and craft expectations of people whom aren't nearly as perfect in reality as the imaginative world inside the head of fans would project.

More over, fans often sound a rallying cry to circle the wagons. I've done this when it comes to boxing, and certain sports teams I like. Fans will close rank and seek to discredit the arguments working against the things they like.

I didn't raise the question of the Silva/Bonnar fight to be mean spirited or to suggest that Anderson Silva is a fraud. I merely raised the issue, only half joking, that it seemed a little odd that someone with a history such as Stephan Bonnar, and with him being the bigger man, was so easily defeated without much effort. It was said by everyone involved with the fight including fans that Bonnar was given an opportunity that could change his life and career; and yet he didn't do enough to survive the knee much less win the fight.

I've done some searching on Yahoo and Google, folks are talking and also raising the same questions that I raised last night. On MMA Junkie and other mma websites people are saying Bonnar took a dive because he was paid to do so. They're also bringing up Anderson Silva's fight with Forrest Griffin as another possibility of a fixed fight. At the very least some suggest all of Anderson Silva's fights in the UFC were fixed; I'm not going that far. Others say the fights with Griffin and Bonnar were fixed for sure.

Like I said, I'm just surprised Stephan lost so easily. I wasn't surprised that he lost, but knowing how tough he is and how much he relished this fight it just seems a little odd. I would have assumed he go out on his shield like he always does.

People keep debating the knee strike, some guys over at MMA Junkie said it was a glancing shot.

What do you guys think? Like I said people get so defensive over this but i don't understand why. The UFC is not above dirty tactics. You think the power brokers who run this company are honest? Think about it, Dana White at the end of the day is a fight promoter. There's never been a more dishonest and shady line of work in America than being a fight promoter. I'm not attacking the sport, make no mistake Strikeforce wasn't fixed or fake. Those fighters fought like their lives depended on them winning.

I'm just saying something doesn't add up about that main event last night. I just have a hard time seeing Anderson Silva, a legendary fighter and current champion from Brazil, losing to Stephan Bonnar in Rio. Plus Bonnar was given this fight out of it seems like thin air.

Again, for the record I'm saying this as a casual fan, not a hater. I don't hate mma, I don't hate Anderson Silva. I just believe in Brazil your star fighter who's Brazilian doesn't lose the main event, or win ugly.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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