BECW4: UFC 153 Spider vs. Bonnar Live Discussion



Hello, fellow enthusiasts of people beating the shit out of each other for the sake of sport. Tonight marks the halfway point of the 4th chapter in the BECW. With tonight being one of 3 events left to make a playoff push, no team is safe yet. Trust me, I know, as my team dropped from a #4 playoff seed to the second-worst squad overall with just one bad performance last week. All 3 previously undefeated teams also lost last week, with the #1 and #2 seeds losing their respective match-ups by a single point margin.

As for the card itself, it's pretty well-rounded, with Demian Maia opening up the PPV portion against gym class bully Rick Story. Phil Davis has been training for 10 long, grueling weeks on how to keep his fist closed when reaching out, we'll see if his work has paid off. We'll also get to see how two rising prospects will perform against two incredibly gritty and durable fighters with Fitch/Silva and Teixeira/Maldonado. Big Nog will choke out Herman and laughs will be had all around, or Nog will get knocked out and we will all have sad feels. And if that wasn't enough, Spider was gracious enough to put down the Whoppers for a few weeks and get into semi-peak athletic shape to help save the card and battle semi-retired TUF 1 veteran Stephan Bonnar. As far as I know Stephan has never been in a boring fight aside from when he fought that yellow guy from Sin City, so we should be in for a treat tonight!


Fight Card

Main Card (PPV) 10:00 PM EST
Light Heavyweight Anderson Silva vs Stephan Bonnar
Heavyweight Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Dave Herman
Light Heavyweight Glover Teixeira vs Fabio Maldonado
Welterweight Jon Fitch vs Erick Silva
Light Heavyweight Phil Davis vs Wagner Prado
Welterweight Demian Maia vs Rick Story
Preliminary Card (FX) 8:00 PM EST
Featherweight Rony Mariano Bezerra vs Sam Sicilia
Lightweight Gleison Tibau vs Francisco Trinaldo
Featherweight Diego Brandao vs Joey Gambino
Welterweight Sergio Moraes vs Renee Forte
Preliminary Card (Facebook) 6:45 PM EST
Middleweight Luiz Cané vs Chris Camozzi
Lightweight Cristiano Marcello vs Reza Madadi

Tonight's Schedule

Sexysassy Division

19Miles' Full Etim (3-1) vs. kreally's SO BILL NAI (2-2)

lanky6's The Good, The Bad, and The Dolloway (2-2) vs. Horselover Fat's Fucked For Free (1-3)

Intellegence Division

POW's Cock Guys (3-1) vs. Sweet Scientist's Unadulterated Espousers of Hate (1-3)

benten20's Buttertooth Brits (3-1) vs. sklart's discoandherpes' The Dogcunt Sklarts (1-3)

Ketchup Division

Violent Newt's Wrong Pick Hospital, Right Pick Necessary (3-1) vs. wonderfulspam's BECWandDietPepsi (3-1)

PFP's Antonio Rodrigo Nohomos (2-2) vs. Tim Bernier's The Team That Wars (0-4)

In the Sexysassy division, things could shake up if Horselover's and kreally's teams can manage a win. If kreally and lanky's teams both win, there will be 3 teams with identical records. For the intellegence division, if both Sweet Scientist and discoandherpes could pull of the upsets any team in the division will be within one win from leading their group. The ketchup division has the clear-cut match of the week with Newt and Spam, and unless Bernier is able to grasp his first win of the season, the loser of the MotW will be neck and neck with PFP's team, battling for the second division spot. Here is the album of match-up previews from the last recap if you'd like to see what you're up against tonight.

Division Standings/Playoff Picture



The following people are terrible teammates and decided they didn't care about the other people on the team and that making picks just wasn't worth their time. DreamingOfFighting, SethSmiley, Rutager, and Luke Nelson (again); you absolutely suck. Captains, if you'd like to replace any of these players, contact Spam, Horselover, or I and we'll give you the rundown.

The live spreadsheet is available here. A complete breakdown of picks can be found here.

Also, if Jon Fitch loses later, please don't be a dick about it.


(I'm starting to run out of new ideas for these pictures)

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