UFC: Duane Ludwig heartbroken over injury loss to Che Mills

Photo by Martin McNeil for SB Nation

Duane Ludwig details injury sustained during Saturday's UFC On Fuel TV 5 card. Says he's heartbroken over recent UFC run.

UFC On Fuel TV 5 was a fantastic card, filled with exciting finishes. There was definitely no shortage of action and excitement. One of the bouts on the card, Duane Ludwig vs. Che Mills, had an unexpected twist, though. Ludwig sustained a bad knee injury in the beginning of round 1, and was unable to continue. It's a fighter's worst nightmare, and doesn't really offer any sense of closure, one way or the other. I recently interviewed Ludwig to get the details of his injury and overall thoughts on his recent run of bad luck in his fights.

*This was a very short interview, 7 minutes in total. I just asked a few questions to get to the nitty gritty*

Stephie Daniels: First off, how are you feeling and how is the knee?

Duane Ludwig: The knee is jacked up. It's swollen up pretty bad. It looks like a big ball right now. I go for an MRI tomorrow at 2:30, so I'm just laying around, relaxing.

Stephie Daniels: What exactly happened in the fight to cause the injury, and when did it happen? Were you already injured going into the fight?

Duane Ludwig: I was not injured at all going into this fight. It was when we first tied up, and he did the outside trip. I felt my knee pop. It snapped right away, and I kind of yelped on the way down. When I was trying to get guard, I could just feel my knee moving around. There wasn't much I could do other than roll around and try to minimalize the pain. I tried to get him a couple times, but I could feel my knee sliding a lot more than it was, so I was like. 'F*ck, I gotta figure this out', and I finally just decided that I couldn't do anything, so I pulled the plug. It happened in the first 10 seconds of the fight.

Stephie Daniels: This must have been incredibly disheartening for you, to have another leg injury force a stop to one of your fights prematurely. How are you feeling about that?

Duane Ludwig: It's annoying. I had put so much into this camp. I've been trying to get back on track these last couple years, and it just doesn't seem to happen. I don't understand it. I try to be a good guy. I help tons of people and try to do all the right things in life. I dedicate myself to this 100%, then this sh*t happens. I don't get it. Things like this make me question reality. It's heartbreaking, for sure.

The fans have shown incredible support, and that feels great. Hopefully, everything works out. It's three losses in a row, so hopefully they don't cut me. I talked to Joe Silva, and he said it's tough to know what's going to happen. It's Dana's call, so I'm still waiting to see what's going to happen. It's not like I missed weight or got a DUI or something. I give everything 100%, and I always come to fight, so hopefully, they see that when they make their decision.

Stephie Daniels: Is it important to you to get a rematch with Che Mills at some point, or are you of the mind to just move forward from this?

Duane Ludwig: Definitely. I'd love to get a rematch. It was just a chance injury. He wasn't doing anything with malicious intent. It was a freak accident. I'll take whatever fight they'll give me, obviously, but I'd love that rematch. Right now, I've got to get healthy again and go from there.

You can follow Duane via his Twitter account, @DuaneBangCom

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