Anderson Silva's Resume of Finishes



The Biggest Arsenal of Weapons in MMA belongs to none other than Anderson "The Spider" Silva. Anderson is a Black Belt in Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, and Jiu-Jitsu along with being a Yellow Rope in Capoeira and a Professional Boxer in his home country of Brazil. Silva is 31-4 in MMA with 18 wins via TKO/KO and 6 via SUB, currently on a 15 fight win streak with 14 of those victories coming in the UFC and only 2 fights in that streak reaching the Judge's scorecards.

He also has the widest array of finishes by any MMA Fighter in history using Punches, Knees, Elbows, And Kicks with deadly accuracy and equally deadly power.

Follow me after the Jump as I show you Further Proof and Lots of Gifs

Lets start with his hands which in my opinion being his biggest offensive weapon, here are just some of the people that have crumbled from "The Spider's" first two limbs


Vs. James Irvin- Anderson Silva's Debut at 205 lbs went like most of his Debuts go ending in under a minute and a half (Pride and UFC Debuts) when he caught an attempted leg kick by Irvin and Blasted him with a Straight Right hand and a few Follow up Punches on the Ground



Vs. Forrest Griffin- In Anderson's second trip to the 205 lbs. weight class he made a Former Champ look like an Amateur, Utilizing Roy Jones-Esque head movement and strikes including the Left Hook (Gif 1) and "Walk Away Jab" (Gif 2) to finish the fight.





Vs. Yushin Okami 2- In front of his Countrymen Silva would put on another Pugilistic Display of Greatness, rocking the Japanese Standout with an "Anchor Punch" [Gif Below] (Coined by Muhammed Ali, a Jab that comes from near your hip with your hands down) and finishing him with a "Shovel Hook" [Sorry no Gif Available] (a Punch that is half way Between an Uppercut and a Standard Hook, striking at a 45 degree angle)



There is an Awesome Judo Chop done by Fraser Coffeen here at Bloody Elbow on The "Anchor Jab", Silva vs Okami 2 and Silva vs Griffin go to it here UFC 134: Rio Judo Chop - Anderson Silva, Muhammad Ali, and the Anchor Punch

The Most Under Utilized strike while standing is often said to be the jab or the leg kick but i say Different


Vs. Tony Fryklund- In his last fight before being signed to the UFC he Unleashed One of The Greatest KO’s Ever and the Craziest Elbow Strike of all Time a Muay Boran Back Elbow (An Elbow thrown with the lead arm backwards arcing up like an Uppercut) *Jaw Dropping*



Another great Judo Chop this time by Kid Nate go to it here Judo Chop: Anderson Silva Lands a Muay Boran Back Elbow

Vs. Travis Lutter- a Non-Title Middleweight fight because the contender missed weight. Anderson had Lutter locked in a triangle for what seemed like forever until a Series of Elbows brought the Tap

Vs. Chael Sonnen- While this fight ended by submission Anderson still landed a viscous Over hand Elbow to Rock Sonnen



The Most Feared Part of "The Spider's" Game is his Knees either in the Thai Clinch or at Striking Range he can end your night quickly


Vs. Carlos Newton- At Pride 25 in his 3rd fight in pride, Silva faced former UFC welterweight champion Carlos Newton. Newton tried to shoot in on Silva, but was hit with a flying knee and Newton collapsed and sliva finishes him with Punches



Vs. Rich Franklin 1- In only his second fight in the UFC he is given a title shot, Beating the champ with an Array of strikes but the majority of the damage was done in the Thai Clinch with Devastating Knees that broke Franklins Nose and Started his own Title Reign







Fraser Coffeen does a wonderful job of breaking down the small techniques in these clinch sequencesfind them

here UFC 134 Judo Chop: Anderson Silva's Masterful Clinch Work Part 1

and here UFC 134 Judo Chop: Anderson Silva and the Muay Thai Clinch Part 2

Vs. Chris Leben- In his UFC Debut he would dispatch Iron-Chinned Chris Leben in just :49 seconds with 100% striking accuracy but it was the Knee that ended it



Vs. Yushin Okami 1- Anderson Lost via DQ because of an illegal Up kick KO. Whatever the Outcome it still shows Precision Accuracy and Unbelievable Power from his back.



Vs. Alex Stiebling- Just over a minute into his Pride Debut he landed a nearly Picture Perfect Head Kick and the Doctor stopped the fight due to the cut on stieblings head



Vs. Vitor Belfort- the 2011 KO of the Year across every major MMA Publication, against one of the most feared strikers of all time made it clear he is the greatest striker in MMA's short but great History with a Front Kick to the jaw followed up by punches to finish off the future UFC hall of Famer



Muay Thai is Known as "The Art of 8 Limbs" (2 fist, 2 elbows, 2 knees, 2 feet) and Anderson Silva is the Epitome of that with Wins with all methods and scalps of top tier fighters with different appendages.

  • The Right hand has claimed Forrest Griffin, James Irvin, and Yushin Okami the second time plus more
  • The Right Elbow put Tony Fryklund out cold, made Travis Lutter tapout, and dropped Chael Sonnen
  • Both the right and the left knee have laid waste to Carlos Newton, Chris Leben, and Rich Franklin (Twice) and others
  • Vitor Belfort, Alex Stiebling, and Yushin Okami have all had their nights end early due to Silva's feet and shins

Silva Holds the UFC Records for Most Consecutive Wins (14), Title Defenses(9), Most Title Fight wins(10), Best winning Percentage (1000%), Significant Striking Accuracy (68.5%), Most Knockdowns landed (15), and Longest Title reign (By the time he defends his title in June it will have elapsed over 2,000 days of him on top).

One last note: Anderson is a Southpaw and has never KO'd somebody with his left hand or left elbow, hell I don't even Remember him rocking or dazing somebody with it (Straight Left KO vs. Sonnen this June???)

In closing Anderson Silva In My Opinion is the Greatest MMA Fighter of All Time even if he should lose his title in the near Future, and is the Greatest Striker in MMA History with this incredible Resume of Finishes

What do you think?

All GIFs from except the second Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin 2nd GIF is from

Shout-out to Kid Nate and Fraser Coffeen on the great Judo Chops

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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