UFC on FX 1 Post-Fight Quick Hits

The first FX card, all in all was great. I like Anik and Florian as an alternative to Rogan and Goldberg...both 'teams' bring a specific flavor. Rogan and Goldberg are better suited for the 'Holy sh!t this is a HUGE deal' type of relevant fights....their commentary oozes with excitement and really sets the stage for an 'event'. Anik and Florian are a bit more subdued and I think they play to the ears of the casual audiances a bit better.

The FX portion of the card was solid. We had a back and forth fight that ended with a great knockout to kick things off, a war between some little guys, and a couple of slick come-from-behind submission victories. I have to imagine that any new fans that tuned into the card are going to be coming back for more.

Nick Denis is a badass...those elbows were awesome

Brenneman did his thing and shock

Nurmagomedov winning was awesome...I noticed that NOBODY on BE picked him. Sure, it was a step up and his debut...but it seemed like people were forgetting that Shalorus hadn't fought since March and Khabib had fought like 5-6 times SINCE March. Whatever...17-0 at 23 is pretty impressive and I'm very interested in seeing him develope. According to FightMatrix he is tied as being the most undefeated fighter currently in MMA. My only question is can we officially decide whether it's "Habib" or "Khabib"?

Rivera winning was also awesome. I love seeing guys retire with wins. Lytle did it and seeing Rivera do the same thing is just outstanding.

PAT BARRY!!!! Damn, that fight was awesome. Barry was put in so much trouble grappling wise and I was sure...and I bet many others were 'sure' that as soon as it hit the ground he'd be screwed...but he survived and escaped his way back to his feet and then knocked Morecraft out. All of that happening within 4 minutes was an extremely awesome way to start off the FX broadcast.

Easton and Papazian went to war...there is no real loser in that fight, to be honest.

It sucked to see Ludwig lose, I hope he can rebound and string a few more wins together. Slick job by Neer and he is on a nice little streak himself.

I said it before. Guillard was just too risky of a bet to pick for me. 8 of 9 losses by sub, 7 of those in the least coming into this fight...The guy clearly has some holes in his game.

I just don't know where to start. Maybe drilling hardcore BJJ with an elite guy should be more of the focus than never being taken down or being completely defensive grappling wise. But even if 'Never get taken down' is the gameplan...then he shouldn't throw so many damn flying knees...

You see this everywhere with Guillard. He is a guy who doesn't really have a great chin, or he doesn't respond well to a good punch, however you want to say it....yet he dodges in and out with his hands are only going to get away with that so long before someone times it right(like Joe Lauzon) and makes you pay.

Jim Miller is a tough dude...he took some serious shots from Guillard, survived, kept his composure, and came back to win...all in 2 minutes. Outstanding performance by Miller.

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