Pat Barry and what other UFC fighter can learn from him

I have been following MMA for a long time. Started lurking around on here and finally set up an account and started commenting and now here I am at my first fan post. Do as you will BloodyElbow crowd I expect nothing less!

Something that I have always wondered is how some fighters never seem to make it into the spot light or the hearts of fans. Some never win, win boring, get under the skin of important people/ decision makers, or just aren't around long enough to do anything. Even if they win a title and defend it they just don't hit home for the majority

Then you have this goofy Pat Barry guy who comes along with "K-1 Level Striking" and a few other standout aspects of his personality and people love him.

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Pat Barry is a middle of the road fighter in the not so stacked HW Division. Win or lose, love him or don't he's doing something right that a lot of other fighters should be doing. He is constantly marketing himself in the right ways. He does open, honest and candid interviews, funny videos about his height disadvantage of his upcoming opponent and ones where he's singing along in the car with another guy he lost to. On top of all this he comes out to the Octagon and throws it all on the line. If he has to go out on his shield to put on an entertaining fight, so be it.

Is Pat Barry fighting for his job tonight? I don't think so and I really hope not if he does lose. He's a fan favorite because he's always entertaining in his fights and every time you see him on camera.

I hope he wins tonight and puts on another great show!

Follow my blog here (No actually don't) just watch another fun video of Pat: Ask Pat Barry

Cheers and thanks for reading


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