Conspiracy Theory: UFC, New York, Rupert Murdoch, ESPN, and Unions

Better call Alex Jones, Mel Gibson, and Amir Khan because I have a conspiracy theory that I want to lay out. What if this whole ESPN Outside the Lines story on UFC fighter pay is some grand scheme by the world's foremost sports network to undercut mma finally having a chance in New York? Think about it: ESPN is an east coast based network, they once had a cordial relationship before the Fox deal, and then the Fox deal happens and with that John Anik leaves ESPN for a commentator job with the UFC.

It all makes sense now because what other reason does ESPN have to run this story despite several holes and easily debunked points in which they rely on to make their so called journalistic and objective case against monetary inconsistencies within the UFC? What went on behind close doors leading up to the UFC's long term deal with Fox? What does News Corp and Rupert Murdoch have to do with the UFC's ultimate goal which is legalizing mma in New York? Think about it for a second: News Corp, owned by Rupert Murdoch is the parent company of Fox, News Corp is based in Manhattan. For years Rupert Murdoch and Fox have been targets of liberal politicians and the liberal media establishment in New York. ESPN is one of the most liberal (Yes if you can believe it) networks on television because of their ties politically to President Obama.

Many pundits and reporters working for ESPN donated to Barack Obama's presidential campaign in 2008, furthermore many ESPN reporters are tied to NBC. NBC is widely known for its political bias against Republicans and MSNBC is a direct competitor and open critic of Rupert Murdoch and the Fox News Channel.

You add to that the issue with Jacob Volkmann and his criticism of President Obama during an interview with Ariel Helwani of AOL Fanhouse and In the interview Volkmann openly criticized the president's health care law. Volkmann, a practicing chiropractor said the law would have negative effects on his private firm. He also said in the interview that he wanted to fight President Obama, warranting a visit from the Secret Service. The UFC stood by Volkmann but eventually he was suspended for his comments.

But its not just Volkmann, if you look at the UFC there are a lot of conservatives and Republicans such as Matt Hughes, Matt Lindland, Brian Stann, Chael Sonnen. Randy Couture, Brock Lesnar, among others. There are definitely some connections between the legislature in New York, ESPN, and this OTL story.

I think this is all politically motivated in an effort to kill two birds with one stone. ESPN uses this story to smear the UFC. The UFC is tied to Fox through their nine year deal, Fox becomes indirectly involved through direct dealings with Zuffa. Rupert Murdoch owns News Corp which owns Fox, that's where New York comes into play. The orders are given from New York because Chuck Schumer's had it out for Fox News since they started gaining traction among viewers (voters). NBC and MSNBC are involved because they're chief rivals of Fox (Fox vs NBC on network television, MSNBC vs Fox News on cable television). Ultimately the New York political machine will make this a referendum on what they'll call the "Rupert Murdoch Garbage Empire", you know they'll say "Look at the all the trash Rupert Murdoch puts on television." They will try to lump the UFC and professional wrestling together as some testosterone and steroid induced, misogynistic, barbaric and violent poison that has no place in the mainstream.

I'm telling you its all connected and all you have to do is sort it out. There's politics and money involved here. The unions control Democrats, the unions oppose the UFC, Democrats rely on union money, the most powerful unions out there are public sector (government) unions. If they tell the legislature in New York to put some steel on the UFC, New York will give the green light to ESPN to make the move and start the smear campaign. Again, in the words of Bernard Hopkins "Do the math", the unions hate Zuffa because Zuffa employs non union workers and non unionized fighters. It's the ultimate barrier when a private company has the power to operate outside the conventional realms of political hierarchy.

The UFC say buck to the unions, the unions run everything, but that was just the first straw. The Final straw came from the connection with ESPN and New York. This is some deep stuff.


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