2012 World MMA Light Heavyweight Scouting Report: #5 - Kyle Cerminara

Photo by Kevin Wuchter, TheGarv

Name: 22px-flag_of_the_united_statesKyle Cerminara
Nickname: --
Age: 28
Height: 6'0"
Philadelphia, PA

The long, arduous journey of becoming a world-class wrestler is likely one of the most grueling goals, both physically and mentally, that anyone could ever attempt to accomplish. For Pennsylvania's Kyle Cerminara (2-0), the journey ultimately led to the biggest letdown of his life, but as the old adage says - as one door closes, another door opens.

The 2004 NCAA Division I All-American tried to create a dream of Olympic glory when he moved to Colorado in 2007-2008 to train at the U.S. Olympic training center. It nearly paid off, placing second at both the 2009 Pan-American Championships and U.S. Open. Unfortunately for Kyle, he was never able to attain a spot on the U.S. Olympic team, only earning a consolation prize of an alternate position on the world team.

Three years later, Cerminara is now an assistant wrestling coach at the University of Pennsylvania. At 28 years old, however, he didn't feel it was too late to take advantage of what wrestling could do for him in the sport of mixed martial arts.

Following his debut victory over Ariel Sepulveda at Cage Fury Fighting Championships 7 in April, Cerminara won Bellator's open tryouts at Daddis Fight Camps' Cherry Hill gym in New Jersey. Not exactly a shocking revelation when you consider Cerminara's vast background in wrestling, but it is nonetheless impressive considering his novice status in the sport.

Cerminara followed up the tryout with a win over John Doyle at a Locked in the Cage event in August, once again utilizing his smothering wrestling skills to win on the scorecards. As one would expect, Cerminara relies heavily on his athleticism and know-how in the wrestling department to crush his opponents. He's a sizeable light heavyweight fighter with brute strength and excellent conditioning. His only flaw is his lack of knowledge in the ground arts, specifically in the submission game.

That could all change under the guidance of Relson Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belts Phil and Ricardo Migliarese. The brothers run Balance Studios in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and they are a pivotal piece to helping Cerminara obtain the skills he needs to succeed this year. If Cerminara can add a savvy submission game to his arsenal, fans may be comparing him to Chris Weidman by the end of the 2012, possibly earning him a shot in one of Bellator's coveted tournaments.

Unfortunately, there is only wrestling footage of Cerminara that's easily available. If you happen to be a GFL.tv customer, you can access Cerminara's debut.

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