The Weekend in MMA

Well guys, seeing that BVD is busy with his top-100 project (really looking forward to that piece) and that I kinda miss seeing YWICS every week, I decided, hell, I’ll do it myself (even though it may be shitty). I don’t in any way, shape, or form mean to steal BVD’s thunder with this (it’s different than YWICS anyway), and if he doesn’t like it, I won’t make another one. But here we go.

3 Up

Jose Aldo – "Oh, he’s boring, he’s changed, he’s a sucky champ to watch. Waaaaaa….(wam)... :O" Glad to see that shit go out the window. I don’t know who can beat him now.

Edson Barboza – Nuff said.



Brazilian UFC fans – It was a card with a third of the hype as the last Rio event, with just as many screaming fans. The first prelim sounded like a title fight.

3 4 Down

Anthony Johnson – He was screwed from the beginning of this little weight debacle. Probably decided that he could put on more muscle if he moved up a weight class. Guess he’s got only short-term memory.

Chad Mendes – Similar to Jon Fitch, he only had one solution to beat Aldo: GET THE TAKEDOWN. And he didn’t. We know what happened after that.

Cris Cyborg and King Mo – Steroids will get you on people’s shit lists real quick.

Michihiro Omigawa – He nearly got submitted, knocked out, and laser pointed (anyone else see that?) in one fight, a decision loss. Things don’t look good for him.

Biggest Rise Besides the Above People: Vitor Belfort

Biggest Fall Besides the Above People: Terry Etim (physically and figuratively)

Erick Silva gets a smiley face sticker for: Not criticizing the ref about the blown call which took away his TKO, instead just giving a respectful opinion. Very classy of him.

Joe Rogan gets a frowney face sticker for: Being a dick to the ref about the blown call, and seeming to try and bait Silva into saying something stupid. He’s an asshole a lot of the time, just listen to his podcasts.

*LIVE* This Weekend


  • UFC on FX: Guillard vs. Miller – Main Card at 9pm on FX, Prelims at 6pm on Fuel TV (fml)


  • School of Hard Knocks 19-Calgary – GoFightLive at 9pm, $9.99
  • Epic Fighting 10 – GoFightLive at 10pm, $9.99
  • ProElite 3 – 10pm on HDNet

Ring Girl Picture of the Week



Random GIF of the Week

funny gifs

Timeout – 3 events to cool down with

New England Patriots vs. Baltimore Ravens – The AFC Championship Game. After extinguishing Tebow Time, the Patriots look to reach the Super Bowl yet again. I sincerely hope they lose, as I believe that Tom Brady is the only NFL player that wears makeup. Go Ravens?

New York Giants vs. San Francisco 49ers – The NFC Championship Game. I’m a Vikings fan. I had a good laugh when the Packers lost, because, you know, in the end, neither of us got the Super Bowl AND the Vikings got a higher draft pick. Suck it, Green Bay. That said, I’m sick of hearing about Eli Manning, as I was of Drew Brees. Go 49ers?

Australian Open – Hell yeah, tennis is back! All night long, all weekend!

Youtube Video of the Week

Soccer Training - Diving Practice (via kormmandos)

Well people I hope that was okay for ya. I’m no fight guru like BVD and I say again, I look to steal no thunder (or cookies) and this is just to hold us until BVD’s ready for more.

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