The Best Nicknames in Asian MMA

You must be wondering to yourself, why is TFN covering a story on the Macho Man. While no one can deny that the Macho Man is an iconic figure, we’re not doing a story about him. We put that photo up there to prove a point. We bet that most of you who saw that photo knew that it was the Macho Man. You might not know him as Randy Mario Poffo or even by his stage name, Randy Savage but we’re sure that you knew it was the Macho Man. That is the power of a memorable nickname.

The nickname has always been a valuable asset to have. We’ve seen memorable nicknames in the world of MMA such as “The Natural”, “The Ice Man”, “Shogun”, “The Prodigy” and of course “The Axe Murderer”. Fans have identified with these nicknames and in many cases, the fighters became the true embodiment of it.

The question now is who has the best nickname in Asian MMA? The Fight Nation has a list of nicknames that we (and it’s absolutely subjective) think are completely awesome. Without further ado, these are the best nicknames in Asian MMA.

“The Korean Zombie” Jung Chan Sung
There aren’t many unique nicknames out there but The Korean Zombie name is definitely one of a kind. It suits him perfectly especially with his iron chin and the fact that the punishment he can take is inhuman. The Korean Zombie name is not only suitable for him; it’s one of a kind.

Eduard “The Landslide” Folayang
The term landslide is usually used for a one sided victory (i.e. a landslide victory in the elections) and TFN feels that this is how Eduard Folayang has been winning his matches, decisively (go ask Wadson Teixeira). No one can also deny that the nickname “The Landslide” sounds pretty damn cool too.

Mitch “The Dragon” Chilson
The poster boy of Evolve has one very cool nickname. In urban speak, a Dragon is someone who is fiercely vigilant, something very formidable and dangerous. Given Mitch’s record and his knockout power, we think he deserves the nickname “The Dragon”. It also helps that with his Pan Asian good looks, he looks like he walked straight out of a Street Fighter videogame.

Arnaud “The Game” Lepont
Yes, we know, this nickname is used by a roided up, man panty wearing, over hyped pro-wrestler. Well, we still think that “The Game” nickname is pretty damn cool. It’s easy to remember, it’s catchy and it takes a lot of b*lls to actually use it. Plus, if you read our story on Arnaud, you would know that the way he got the nickname was hilarious (you can read his interview here: Yes, that’s a shameless plug)

Rodrigo “Ximbica” Ribeiro
We’ll be dead honest here. We don’t know what Ximbica means. From what we understand it’s a Portuguese word that sounds pretty badass. So we’re thinking it is badass. Ribeiro looks badass too so that’s why, we think it’s a pretty wicked pairing. Don’t agree? Go take it up with Ribeiro himself. We dare you.

Kazushi “The Gracie Hunter “Sakuraba
No disrespect to Renzo and his crew, we love the Gracies but seriously, Sakuraba’s nickname is way cool and he earned it by beating Royler, Renzo, Ryan and Royce Gracie. Very few people can literally back up their badass nickname and Sakuraba is one of them who can.

Eddie “The Magician” Ng
While Eddie isn’t pulling out bunnies from his hat or sawing hot half naked chicks in two, Eddie has been pure magic in the cage in his very young MMA career. With his quick wins and his mystic aura surrounding him, Eddie really is a Magician in the world of MMA.

Shinya “Tōbikan Jūdan” Aoki
Tōbikan Jūdan means “The Grand Master of Flying Submissions”. While it does sound cooler in Japanese (let’s be honest, it’s a mouthful in English), it says a lot about Shinya’s ability. Not only can Shinya tap you out, he can probably do it in mid air too. It’s an uber cool nickname for one uber cool fighter.

Shane “Ronin” Wiggand & Marko “Mad Dog” Huusansaari
The reason why we’ve put these two nicknames together is simply because both fighters seriously lived up to them during their insane fight at Dare 1/12 last week. The name “Ronin” loosely means a type of samurai (a samurai with no master to be exact) and “Mad Dog” means, well, a crazy dog (what kind of explanation were you expecting?). We can write pages telling you why they both chose the right nicknames for themselves but we seriously suggest that you check out their fight against each other. Actions speak louder than words.

Dishonorable Mentions

Just as the above are great nicknames, we have to highlight 2 of the worst ones we’ve come across.

Fritz “The Mandrill” Rodriguez
From what we know about Fritz is that he’s a former URCC Lightheavyweight Champion (which also means he can kill us) and also a Gracie Barra Brown belt. While we’re sure he has the skills, we really think his nickname isn’t the best one out there. We did a check and found out that a mandrill actually is an Old world monkey. Why anyone wants to be called an old monkey is besides us.

“Sexyama” Yoshihiro Akiyama
We have nothing but respect to a guy who can act, sing, fight and also constantly look stoic but to go around and nickname yourself Sexyama is just being a bit over your head don’t you think? We know that he’s the Chuck Liddell of Japan but you don’t hear Chuck call himself Sexy Chucky. Sorry Akiyama your nickname is a giant #FAIL.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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